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Making and Batching Actions

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Aug 10

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Today we are covering how to create actions and then use them as a batch edit. The first important step is to open an image and create your action. To do this go to WINDOW and to ACTIONS. Then use the new action button to create a new action. As you edit your photo, everything you do is recorded. Be sure to not be specific to any image, avoiding things like “select layer 2″. This will make your action work on any photo.

Once you have created your action, it is time to run it as a batch. Go to FILE – AUTOMATE – BATCH to enter the Batch menu. Here you will choose your folder of images. I suggest copying images in separate folders, making sure you will not copy over the originals. Be sure to have the setting the same as I have shown and you are ready to go!

  • Bj

    Great class Aaron

  • David

    Didn’t know about the automate batch editing part, very handy. Hopefully I will no longer dread doing batch editing anymore :)

  • Anonymous

    shooting my first wedding this weekend! this will probably come in handy! i usually use the batch editing option in lightroom, but sometimes you just cant do what you want in lightroom!

  • Anonymous

    hope this helps!

  • Anonymous

    I agree!

  • Joanne

    thank you soooo much! this episode is a lifesaver :D  

  • Waseef Akhtar

    Helpful xD

  • Steve

    Great for video sequences!

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If on a mac, close and reopen Photoshop every hour or so – speeds things up a bit.