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Name That Sexy Smoke Ghost!

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Aug 30

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Today we are making a SEXY SMOKE GHOST from scratch. You read that right. Thanks to Brandon who wanted this to happen, I am pretty sure I would not have thought to do this on my own.

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  • Amelia Fletcher

    Try watching the phlearn episode on eyes, it uses color layers as well as dodging to brighten them up. For the smoke maybe change the blend mode or duplicate the layer and then mask in the parts you want to show up more. Hope this helps!

  • Vince138

    “La Veuve Noire” (black widow)  will be a good name! 
    name for woman who have a bad ended love story or who kill their husband…..
    thanks for your FB special episode i’ve just starting to see, and i will soon buy the going home I think….

  • Ben Bakewell

    Thanks Amelia,

    *sigh* doubling up the layer didn’t make a dentit was still near
    invisible on the background, and when I changed the blend modes, it just
    brought up the black background :(

    I’ll check out the eyes tutorial right now!

    Thanks for replying : )

  • Hassnal Adam Sulaiman

    hey Aaron (and all PHlearnoholics)

    i’ve missed phlearn episodes for the last week or so as i’ve been so busy with uni and family stuff. only just watched these episode. i did a similar-ish shot a while ago but it took a lot of hit and misses for me to achieve the effect i wanted. 

    how i wished phlearn existed agessss ago… would have defo made it easier. 
    great tutorial Aaron… at least the other phlearnoholics dont have to go through what i did, which was a long painful trial editing for this kind of ‘smoke’ images. i hate ‘knowing what i want to achieve’ but no idea how to do it. :)  

    thanks Aaron and also Brandon.  

    here’s the image i was talking about.

    -Adam Raasalhague :)

  • Mike Fendt

    Thanks for the Vid great work but I must say the quality was not that good it was very pixelated like an old YouTube vid even in Full HD. 

    Well my name for the Smoke Ghost has to be PHlo as in Flo or flow like smoke…. lol 

    Great vid im going to dig out some old snaps I have and ghost them up. 

    Thanks Aaron.

  • Mike Fendt

    here is my 10 min job took some images off some stock sites but has given me some new ideas to shoot some thing like this for Halloween. 

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