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Natural Light Contest Winners

Feb 18

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Congratulations to our winners of last week’s Outdoor Natural Light Contest! Everyone who submitted did an awesome job, and we tip our hats to you. Please contact us to receive your prize!

Grand Prize Winner

Kudos to our grand prize winner, Sebastian Roignant! Sebastian did a fantastic job of making natural light work in an amazing way in this photograph of a bride and groom. The combination of vignette and light shining through the foliage give this photo a timeless feel. The couple is perfectly framed by trees, bringing the viewer’s eye straight to them.

Sebastian Roignant

Runner Ups

Francois Vendiol

François Vendiol achieved some atmosphere with a foggy background and shallow depth of field in this beautiful naturally lit shot. The angle draws you into the photo and I love how the girl is wearing fur, which brings roadkill to mind. Classy, high fashion, roadkill.

Lia Niobe

The shadows brought on by natural light in this photo by Lia Niobe are stunning, and the rays of light pouring through the clouds give this photo an epic, mythological feel.

Matthieu Pegard

Matthieu Pegard opted to shoot a landscape during sunset, creating wonderful colors. The symmetry and clean lines along with the calm water make the photo appear peaceful and relaxing.

Nica Wolf

It can be hard to find great natural light when shooting during high noon. Since the sun is directly overhead, shadows become very harsh. Nica Wolf did a great job of using this to her advantage and took this bright and colorful picture. There’s a great sense of mystery added by not showing the girl’s face.

Oz Barak

Oz Barak brought some great elements together for his naturally lit outdoors photo. The red pants and blue sky create a contrast which is enhanced by the filmesque coloring. Another example of using harsh shadows to your advantage – Oz uses them to bring out details on his subject.

Judging for the Anything But Smiles Contest

The submissions from our biggest contest ever have now entered the second round of judging. Winners will be officially announced next week!

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