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Phlearn’s Newest Section- Inspirational Photographers

Jun 06

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Inspirational Photographers

Yesterday we released our latest section on the site; a comprehensive list of the best photographers and their work in every category from fashion to landscape. Meet the interns behind all the work- Jenna, Angela and Kate. They did an amazing job putting it together and organizing everything, it was no easy task.

As we grow we’ll be able to offer more and more content on Phlearn. We’ll be adding more and more photographers as time goes on to our list as well. If you have any suggestions of what you would like to see on the site please let us know!

If you want to suggest a photographer for the new list you can do so HERE or leave it in a comment box below.



Make sure to become part of the Phlearn Family on Facebook, conversate with us on Twitter, and #hashtag your Phlearn inspirations on Instagram. We want to know what the Phlearn community social chatter is about, and who is sharing it. You all keep us motivated to do our best.

  • Jaakko Paarvala

    Again, an awesome addition to Phlearn! My suggestion would be Chris Friel at

  • sue reed

    Wooow thanks for the awesome list Aaron!! will check them out now! I suppose to be doing college coursework, but err I don’t think I will now. :)  

  • James Warwood

    Steve McCurry – Incredible portrait/documentary photographer

    Trey Ratcliff – HDR isn’t everyones cup of tea but for me nobody does it better. Incredible landscapes of the world. Also has the honour of having the first HDR image to hang in the Smithsonian. 

  • Rubén Chase

    I am flipping out with Alex Stoddard. Just seventeen years old, and his work is simply stunning…

  • Rubén Chase

    My suggestion may be Joel Robinson, aka “Boy-Wonder”. His selfportraits in scenes are awesome:

  • Alfonso

    I’d add another section focused on Wedding photographer and sponsor Sam Hurd, and Ryan Brenizer as first on the list.

    as over all photographer Benoit Paille cannot miss on any comprehensive list~!

    and Lee Jeffris is as long as I’m concern the best B&W photographer,
    Massimo Sbreni would be a runner up to:

    I hope Phlearn will keep growing as I do with my photography… I expect you guys to be available on iTunes too, and i’m sure even with those not technical post the website still keep adding value~!

  • kimwhit

    Thanks for your suggestion, he IS awesome!! It’s going to take me a while to get through all his images. Love it!

  • Patrick Bosc

    great great great idea ! Love it ! and very inspirational indeed.
    I knew (and admire) several of them, but there is also a bunch of discoveries also.
    Thanks for sharing !

  • -cr

    Here’s another list of awesome photogs:

  • claude laramee

    He is a photographer/illustrator, one of the most creative with great humour :

  • John White

    The interns killed it!!! Can’t wait to see this grow even more :D

  • Kokocina

    Great idea.  Finally something to keep me busy for a loooong time at work!

  • claude laramee

    Another inspiring artist :

  • Gábor Lénárt

    Here is an awesome photographer:
    Anastasia Volkova:

  • Andrea Sini

    WOWWWWW!!!! Bellissimo Post!

  • Keddy Davis

    Patrick Demarchelier – Legendary Fashion Photographer 

  • Eric Devir

    Not sure if anyone is reading comments on this one any longer but a quick suggestion for this great addition to Phlearn:

    When reviewing the images of a given photographer, it would be great if the forward and backward arrows would be anchored in the same place from image to image.  It is really frustrating to have to hunt for the arrow to advance each image, and if you miss it closes the portfolio all together!

    I want to get lost in these portfolios but the mechanics of navigation are very distracting.  Thanks!

  • William Jeffries

    Try the left and right arrows on the keyboard :)

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