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Nikon Sucks, and Everyone who uses Nikon Sucks

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Aug 31

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  • Jesse North

    Hmm, that might be a flaw I have, i don’t really write artist statements.. 

    I’ll try to write some up for future pictures, they always confused me, i’m a terrible writer aha.

  • Jesse North

    Very well written Dale, thanks a ton, I will try to focus on framing and cropping a bit more. 

  • Adrian Cordero

    You are the Dr. Phil of photography

  • Rana

    I’m a huge fan of all of your tutorials Aaron. I’m learning new things each day from you!! I was just wondering if you could perhaps do a video tutorial on how to create light glows in a jar like in this photo:
    Many thanks!
    Best wishes,

  • Marlou

    you are very inspiring Angela!

  • Angela Mary Butler

    Thanks everyone. :) and Amelia you can just follow this link and you can see my photos of my cancer experience that I documented, my 365, and what I’m currently working on. I’m in the midst of a second 365 as of late, but I’ve been very busy with school to finish it. Thanks again guys x

  • Kevin Hervo

    For me i’am not different i try to be different but i have technical limit so i can’t make photos like i want i got good idea but when i try to realize them the images are always different that what i have conceived excpeting that the life experience could make the difference i have lived things that no one have lived or in an other ways or met some people who changed my vision of the world  introducing this personal experience in our images could make the diference 

    P.S. sorry for my bad english 

  • Anonymous

    Did you send out the newsletter already because I didn’t receive it and I am a subscriber to the newsletter.  =/

  • Anonymous

    Did you send out the newsletter yet because I didn’t get it. = /
    and I’m a subscriber to the newsletter.

  • Steve

    That’s gotta be a bit like the lightsabre tutorials you see pop up now and again.

    I’d be interested to see how other people would do this…
    I just used two layers of red (blurred), and one layer of white (blurred), merged layers and screen blended.  I didn’t know how to change the white layer into a red colour after :0/

    If anyone wants to add to this picture with their coloured jar, be my guest ; )

  • Ben Bakewell


  • Kevin Hervo

    your 365 project is awesome i will follow you now what you’ve done with all that happened to you is very impressive continue to be brave 

  • Barrett S.

    In my opinion you can get better, professional cameras at more reasonable prices with Canon. Honestly the equivalent to the 5d in Nikon is like $5,000  

  • Waseef Akhtar

    haha, that title and the start of the video really shocked me for a while. You are smart to get people attention. And so agree with everything you said, even the debate about iPad and Galaxy Tab :p. I’ve been hearing so much about this sh*t but sadly, can’t figure out anything remarkable in my work. I just go like yea, I took these images, edited them and they’re MINE. Second thing I think of is I always make an image out of lyrics of a song. Like how they sing it imaginary and go like, my heart is broken and bla bla. I’ll just go there and shoot a cut heart and that’s it. I don’t think there’s anything different in these but yea, why not share with Phlearn and get helped. :)

    BTW, that just got mind into this qoute by Taylor Swift, thought I might share.. “If you’re lucky enough to be different, don’t ever change.”

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  • Anonymous

    THIS IS GOOD ONE!!!!! Deam…


  • Nikonisgarbage


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