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You will learn how to cut a person out of their background including getting the difficult parts like hair. We cover the most important parts about replacing a sky in a photo including lighting and color.

In this INTERMEDIATE Photoshop Tutorial, you will learn secrets for creating a glowing light, compositing multiple exposures and creating a scene.

Join us as we take you through the entire process of a photo shoot from lighting, posing, working with models, camera settings, creating a concept, building a shot, and post production for Four Images

Learn how to composite over 20 images to create a final image that pushes your idea of reality.

$34.99 $24.99
Build and Incredible Composite
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Phlearn's mission is to provide the skills, confidence and encouragement for creative individuals to pursue their dreams, overcome their fears, and live their passions.

We want to provide you with the technical knowledge to make your vision become a reality AND the confidence to craft your art true to your vision. And we want to do it all with a huge smile, because having fun is fun.

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Dean Bradshaw
The internet is a wonderful thing. Without it, it would have been difficult for me to learn everything that I have.

Aaron has created an amazing resource for people to learn Photoshop. It's a new world, and Phlearn is leading the way in teaching the next generation of image makers. Never stop learning!
Sami Saxon
I have been a photographer for almost 12 years, currently in grad school and have yet to encounter tutorials that blow my mind like Phlearn's. I am addicted to downloading tutorials, even if it's material I have learned at the academy.

Aaron's easy to follow videos are perfect for serious artist. I am currently a finalist in Canon Project imagination because of the material I have learned on this site.
Nicola Taylor
I first came across Aaron before Phlearn, when he was teaching "Learn Photoshop Live," and I can absolutely say that my development as a photographer would have been considerably slower if I hadn't found him.

I was studying photography at art school and our Photoshop teachers were just TERRIBLE. I learned more in one of Aaron's classes than I did all year at college and for just a fraction of the price! And I didn't just learn to copy other images. I learned solid techniques that I could use and adapt to create the images I had been dying to create but just didn't know how.

It was great to see some of the Learn Photoshop Live lessons being recreated as Phlearn PRO tutorials, making them even more accessible and affordable. They are phenomenal value for money and I'm always astounded by what I learn.


Jan 24 Battle, Opinion, Video
Let’s Get Blurry with Motion Blur We’re getting blurry this week with two fantastic photos by Paarma and Msvnicks. Both use motion to convey a sense of mystery about their subjects. What image do you like more, and why? Fill out my online form. New...
Lighting There are a few key factors in designing lighting for a single image or for a series. The first thing to keep in mind is what type of mood or feeling you want to convey in the images. Lighting can play a huge role in the mood of an image, so it is imp...
Phlearn is hiring writers! We are looking for two outstanding writers to create written Photoshop and photography articles to be featured on Anyone may apply to write for Phlearn from anywhere in the world. Writing for Phlearn will dramatically in...
Erik Almas Interview, Part Three This is part three of a three part interview with commercial photographer Erik Almas. We conclude his interview by asking him some questions straight from the Phamily. Thanks so much to everyone who asked questions on Facebook!...
Jan 21, Episode 418 Color, Photoshop, Video
LAB Mode VS RGB Mode It can be hard to pump up the colors in a photograph without making it look unnatural. In RGB mode, changing your colors in curves will also produce changes in brightness and exposure. To fix this, we can easily switch to LAB Mode by selec...
Jan 21, Episode 417 Contest, Inspiration, Video
Over $1,000 In Prizes! Our friends at Lowepro, Lensbaby, SLR Lounge, and Lens Rentals have teamed up to bring the contest winner some seriously amazing prizes. One (1) grand prize winner will receive: $150 Phlearn gift card. Choose from any of our PRO Photosho...
Hello everyone and welcome to our 28th edition of our weekly feature Weekend Inspiration! This week we have photos from both amateur and professional photographers, and of course, from some of our Phlearner’s too. These 25 images have been gathered from ...
Lighting The goal for this photo shoot was to create two completely different looks using the same model in a short amount of time. In this behind the scenes video you will learn how to set up lighting for a full length portrait as well as a headshot. We focus...
Jan 15, Episode 415 Interview, Popular, Video, Video Interview
View part one of Erik’s interview HERE. Erik Almas Interview, Part Two This is part two of a three part interview with commercial photographer Erik Almas. We take an in depth look at three different images in his portfolio, and Erik discusses the importa...
Jan 14, Episode 414 Color, Photoshop, Video
Congratulations to Jason for winning this week’s contest! We’ll be editing his image and showing you how to make your subject stand out better from the background by using some simple coloring techniques. Simplify Your Color Palette To make our sub...
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