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Retouching Basics- Part 2 of 3

Mar 22

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Darya Part 2

In yesterday’s episode we started editing this photo of our  friend Darya with a high fasion look. Today you can see how to cover basic retouching with a few different adjustment layers; curves, hue and saturation, and levels. I’ll also show you how to only affect certain areas of the image with the blend if and apply image techniques. Tomorrow I’ll finish up all the color work, don’t miss it!

Episode Timeline

  • 0:30- Finishing up the eyes
  • 3:30- Adding makeup using brush tool and blend if
  • 8:00- Making selections
  • 9:15- Changing haircolor with Hue, Saturation, Curves, and Blend if
  • 13:30- Enhancing highlights
  • 14:30- Brightening skin
  • 16:20- Add flare and basic color adjustments

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  • Sebastian Ortiz

    Coming along beautifully… lovin’ the change.

  • Illinicrazy

    Thanks Aaron. Great technique and image.

  • Alfonso Barona

    Thanks aaron! I have one question, usually you just low the Flow when you paint with the brush tool? Never the opacity?? Its better technique to do like that?¿ Thanks for the episode!

  • Ian Arneson

    Photoshop CS6 beta is out, could there be an episode maybe on PROS AND CONS of CS6 and a little overview as to whats new, whats different and whats been improved?

  • Kokocina

    Phucking awesome!  You’re a genius!  Thanks.

  • Melanie

    I am loving this series. Thank you so much. I also love this link to Jaime Ibarra. Her work is amazing. 

  • Sarah Kate

    I loove that you linked to Jaime Ibarra… one of my favorite photographers!!

  • Instant Hunter

    This is so useful and practice. Ty Aaron!

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