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Phlearn Interviews Erik Almas Pt.1

Jan 08

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Erik Almas Interview

Join Phlearn and Erik Almas for this extended interview and get a glimpse into the mind of one of the top commercial photographers in the world.

This is part one of a multiple hour interview in which Erik and I discuss what we feel are some of the most important things a photographer should focus on and how to get to where he is today. Erik discusses his revelation with photography that helped to guide him to where he is today.

Throughout Erik’s career he has always stayed true to who he is as a person and brought his unique vision to his work. That is one of the most important lessons I learned in speaking with him. Everyone is unique and interesting in their own way, and brining that to your art is what separates you from everyone else. Don’t try to be anyone but yourself, or you will find yourself failing.

Erik Almas DVD + Phlearn Bundle

Designed to complement photographer Erik Almas’ lecture series on image making and career building, these tutorials reveal Erik’s evolution in building and marketing his award-winning body of work. Throughout the footage, Erik encourages you to commit to the journey of defining your own photographic voice, as well as philosophies and suggestions to stay inspired about shooting and promoting your photography.

Nearly 9 hours of footage chronicles 5 image-making case studies. Erik delves into the creative intent of an image, the necessity of planning, plus preparedness for the technical and problem solving aspects of a shoot.

Phlearn and Erik Almas are teaming up to bring you this exclusive package. Purchase Erik’s DVD and receive a free Phlearn PRO of your choice!

Erik Almas Bio

Photography sort of fell in my lap. When looking back at how I became a photographer it is almost like it rained on me. I didn’t have a great interest in pictures. Or art. And a relative didn’t give me a camera when I was 12. It was small random sources hitting me different places and when faced with the crossroad and question of; “What do I do now?” I was soaked up in the idea of becoming a photographer. Since then small encounters have led me halfway across the world and then around it a few extra times. I grew up in Trondheim, Norway. A big city by Norwegian standards but barely a blip on the map with its population of 150,000 people.

I remember vividly the day I moved to the US to study photography flying in over the Bay Area at night. The lights went on forever. I was 22 and felt really small, intimidated by the number of lights and what they illuminated. I attended the Academy of Art University for 4 years. Had some truly inspiring teachers that changed my goals from shooting sporting events for my hometown newspaper to wanting to create great images. I graduated in 99 with Best portfolio in the Spring Show. In 2004 they gave me an Honorary Degree of Outstanding Alumnus. I assisted for almost 3 years. I got inspired, encouraged and nurtured in my own image making and got a set of working habits that have helped me succeed on my own. I’m glad I can say I have.

The idea of becoming a photographer is now my reality and I’m truly grateful. I ended up staying in San Francisco and have now lived here for 15 Years and split my time between San Francisco and recently Brooklyn. A great place to call home, though I frequently go back to Norway, which I also call home. I shoot pictures and I’m too happy doing it, trying to make the ones today better than yesterday.

Portfolio Images

These are a few of the images that we discuss during this extended interview with Erik Almas. We discuss Erik’s process on how he goes about creating these images as well as his inspiration and philosophy behind them.

Land Surveyors
  • David Uzochukwu

    This is so beautiful.

  • aP Photographie

    Erik is a true killer, I mean, look at his images, they’re just visually perfect, lighting, treatment, attitude, everything in his killshots are a lesson….!

  • yamaha83

    gosh with this and the new Fstopper wedding DVD i have some stuff i really want to watch!!

  • David Uzochukwu

    Is part 2 going to be up tomorrow?

  • Aaron Nace

    Next week :)

  • Petter Haugen

    So happy about this!! Being a norwegian makes me proud now :-) Big fan of you both, so inspiring to listen to. Great dialogue!! Can`t wait until tomorrow (hope part 2 is up then!!)

  • Morten J

    What a great interview, cant wait to see the second part!!

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  • vosloo

    “The more personal you make your work the more universal it will be” He’s such an incredible artitst! Thank you for sharing this with us!

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