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Phlearn is Hiring Writers!

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Jan 23

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Phlearn is hiring writers! We are looking for two outstanding writers to create written Photoshop and photography articles to be featured on Anyone may apply to write for Phlearn from anywhere in the world. Writing for Phlearn will dramatically increase your own exposure as we actively promote staff and link to their work.

If you think you have the skills to write some amazing content, just draft up a sample and submit it below. This form is to apply for a job and does not guarentee that your article will be published. Some general guidelines are:

  • Make content unique to Phlearn
  • Your sample article should be roughly 1,000 words, actual articles may be longer. Include as attachment in the form below.
  • Format articles via word processor such as Microsoft Word, Pages, Adobe PDF etc. Embedded images a plus.
  • Content should be tailored to Phlearn’s audience of beginner to advanced enthusiast photographers and digital artists.
  • Articles may be written on general advice, detailed how-to, or personal experiences. Content should be informative and entertaining.
  • Articles must be grammatically correct and flow with little revision necessary.
Fill out my online form.

The Perks!

Phlearn writers have immediate access to the entire Phlearn PRO catalogue, meaning you get every single tutorial for free just by joining the team!

You will receive substantial exposure for your own personal brand as well as links to your work.

In addition to your exposure you will also receive cash money compensation. Amount paid will depend on factors such as experience and article strength. Note: you will not be paid just by submitting an article on this page. This is a page to apply for the position that will lead to a paid job.

  • Leszek Frankowski

    I don’t mean to bitch but how about some actual episodes? I truly admire your work but I must say that the quality of free content on Phlearn have recently dropped. Three part interview, contests, “technical difficulties”, weekend inspiration, behind the scenes, battles. Sure, those things are also interesting but how about something a bit more educational?

  • Tom Simone

    buy the pro tutorials….

  • Aaron Nace

    We will be looking into hiring people for episodes in the future. The first step is written content, and when that is worked out we wil move onto video. Thanks for the suggestion!

  • Bryan Dockett

    dang it wasn’t recently diagnosed with a severe case of chronic writers blocks, I’d be all over this! The doctors say I’m been suffering from it since I was just a wee teen. Who knows I’m could I have been the next great american novelist.

  • Tomáš Maki Muška

    nice… been working as external editor / editor in czech and slovak photo magazines for almost two years now… too bad my english isn’t that great :( but why not – is there a deadline for submissions? I am flooded right now

  • Leszek Frankowski

    I actually did buy some of them and I’m pretty sure I will buy some more. But the thing that made me spend my money on pro tutorials was the awesome free content. This way I felt like I’m not only paying for the product but also supporting Aaron for all his work and knowledge that he’s sharing for free.

  • Leszek Frankowski

    Great, very curious about how it will turn out. That being said I hope you will still make some of the episodes yourself, I’m pretty sure your personality played a huge role in making Phlearn as popular as it is right now. At least make them laugh as you when the episode starts. :P

  • Cameron Mathis

    Is there a deadline on this? I just now came across it. Thank you

  • Aaron Nace

    We will be accepting applications over the next month!

  • Tom Simone

    Fair enough, I take your point.

    But I’d also add that the interview with Erik is incredibly educational -

  • barbara

    all the content is educational. you just have to know how to pick apart the meat from the rest of the stuff

  • barbara

    Just sent in my sample article.

    thanks for giving the time to consider it!

    hope to hear from you soon

    - Barbara

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