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Phlearn Photo Battle: Aaron Nace VS Rob Woodcox

Feb 03

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During the Rob Woodcox take over week, one of the highlights was the photo battle. Remember the show Iron Chef? We put our spin on it, and applied the concept to photography. Each photographer was given 2 hours to complete a photo shoot. They had no idea what model, hairstyle, wardrobe, makeup, or prop they’d be using.

Check out the video to see how each photographer tackled their photo shoot.

  • Adam Bender

    Tough call! Both shots were pretty awesome in their own right. My votes for Aaron because I think his concept was more original and different from what I’ve seen. Great battle!

  • Doug Kremer

    Sorry Aaron. I have to vote for Rob. I like the tranquility of his pic – makes me feel like taking a peaceful afternoon nap. Your pic is awesome! but it makes me feel like I’m about to have explosive diarrhea. Not sure why. Both are great pics though :) haha. I love your website! I’ve learned a ton since joining the family.

  • Maťka Dorka

    Greaat battle! Both pics are awesome, but I’m voting for Aaron. The decision maker for me was idea…it is not so usual as the idea in Robs picture. Although Aaron you could develop the idea much more! ;) Anyhow both pictures are great.. congrats guys! :)

  • Dan McGill

    Very cool Rob, but my preference is Aaron’s. I really liked the lighting and mood of Aaron’s image.

    Suggestion… Next time post the final images for voting first – without identifying the photographers – and then follow up a few days later with the winner and the BTS video.

    Aaron…how many layers??? :-)

  • Kevin Nestor

    Guys – great pictures. My vote’s a difficult decision, but I’m going with Aaron. I think he did a better overall job of using the time and props, as well as deciding to use a background to really isolate the elements of the picture and separating them from the shop.

    Seriously, how many layers in that photo, Aaron?? :)

  • Kristian DiPersio

    I loved both images but my vote goes to Aaron on this one.

  • Peter McLinn


  • Alan D Smith

    I think Rob had a great concept and I would have liked to see the 2nd shot that he did, on the high latter.
    I do have to give the contest to “the master” Aaron it was a great idea and shot

  • Lindee Robinson

    Rob for sure!

  • Kristi McMurry

    That’s tough! Rob gets my vote.

  • FredysX


  • Brandon L. Harris

    I don’t think that there is necessarily a ‘better’ image here. I think both are wonderful in their own right. More than anything I just enjoyed being able to watch what two awesome creatives were able to produce with the resources given. I’d love to see more of these between Aaron and other artists.

    I actually didn’t even think of whose was better until I shared the video with someone and they asked me who won Haha If someone forced me to pick, I’d have to say Aaron. Aaron’s speaks to me more.

    First time commenting on Phlearn. Probably won’t be my last. Keep up the awesome work Aaron and the rest of the Phlearn team

  • Van Gachnang

    My vote goes to Rob! I really enjoyed the colors better in his photo and the gracefulness of the sheets really tied in the model’s pose. Aaron’s photo was a little too busy and the replicated models looked too alike and duplicated for my taste. Great battle you guys!

  • London Williams

    Wow first off both photos were amazing!!! My vote goes to Rob though.

  • Chillywilson

    Should they just make out and get it over with.
    For the photo I’m going to go with Aaron on this one.

  • Gerardine

    Aaron’s image is very unique and sophisticated, very interesting as well. I’m going with his on this.

  • Josh Cloud

    i vote for rob’s!! I love the softness of the photo along with the blues, the replicated models on aarons looked to similar for me

  • Tess McCoy

    Wow! They both did more in two hours than I could do in a week, haha! Both shots were insanely good but I prefer Rob’s. The image has such a peaceful mood and the colors and overall softness of the photo are just beautiful. Aaron’s looked like it took a ton of work though, and both are amazing images!

  • busterrey

    Wow both are sick images. Awesome Job!!

  • Michael Kampmann

    Cant’t decide, i like both of them :) … so i vote for Kat :D

  • Justine Tjallinks

    I must say my preference is Rob’s photo, I really like the color work of Rob. Although I like the complexity of aaron’s image. :) Cool guys.

  • Kerri Garrison

    Curious… did the 2 hour limit include the post production or just the shooting time?

  • Asia Robbins

    plot twist: kat wins!

  • Asia Robbins

    Aaron wins!

  • Christophe B

    I vote for Aaron, the photo is amazing !
    Your photo is very cool Rob

  • Devaughn DC Image Phillip

    I love both of them……..but Aaron took it…

  • Aankhen

    I liked Rob’s picture, but Aaron’s concept and execution was too cool not to win. At least, it would have won if Kat hadn’t already won the entire video and possibly Phlearn as a whole.

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