Photoshop 201
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Name: Andrzej Dragan
Twitter: @andrzejdragan

Andrzej was born in 1978, studied in Warsaw and on scholarships in Amsterdam, Oxford and Lisbon, got his PhD in quantum physics cum laude in 2005. He is currently working as an assistant professor of physics at Warsaw University. Never tasted coffee.

  • franzv

    Dragan was one of the first photographer to motivate me to learn photoshop.
    Among the thousands of horribles tutorials to look like him, i managed to find one that, used wisely really has a good impact and is quite convincing.
    If anyone is intersted, just let me know.
    And again, there are way too much bad tutorials out there that pretend to give this special look, would be intersting to see Aaron’s advices in a PRO Tutorial ;)

  • Morten

    Do you have a link to the tutorial i am interested;)

  • franzv

     This is it:
    As most of web tutos, they show horrible results as preview, but used wisely, you can get some very good results, increasing both contrast and dynamic range on a well lit portrait.

  • Shireen Goosen Alberts

    Hi Francois. Would you please share the tutorial you mention above? Thank you very much!