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Name: Sergio Mottola

Sergio Mottola is a wedding photographer based in Washington, but travels around the world to document weddings. He loves to put his own artistic twist on traditional wedding photography.

  • Helen

    We hired Sergio Mottola after a photographer recommended him to us because that photographer had a conflict with our wedding date. We really liked Sergio’s work so decided to pick him to do our wedding photography. Our wedding was at the end of August. Everything went great until after the wedding. Initially, Sergio was just late in returning our email and calls. We were concerned, but when he eventually got back to us, we were relieved. However, after he missed his own self-imposed deadline for a delivery by late October, we tried to get back in touch with him and he began a long habit of not responding. He responded one more time to a call my husband made to him letting him know that we were anxious to get the photographs so they could be used on a family Christmas card. He said he would deliver them the following week, but that did not happen. Weeks and weeks went by, with emails and calls put out to Sergio. I even told him that my parents were going on their first vacation ever and seeing family members for the first time in decades that they wanted to show our wedding photographs to, but that did not move Sergio at all to even respond, much less give us even the proofs from our wedding. More weeks had gone by and my husband and I both emailed and called Sergio, but our calls were avoided and our emails were not returned. We had signed a contract when we hired Sergio which was Sergio’s form. The delivery period was spelled out in the contract by Sergio himself and stated “Photographs will be delivered via online proofing 4-7 weeks after the wedding date.”

    Nearly three months after our wedding (after nearly 12 weeks later…that’s 5 weeks beyond his 7 week max delivery date!), in mid November, Sergio sent us 46 photographs with a note letting us know that the rest would follow “soon”. Since then, we emailed, called, texted, and Facebook messaged Sergio, but did not heard anything back from him in the course of a month and a half. And despite not emailing us or calling us back, he took the time to remove a message I posted on his Facebook wall asking him whether we would receive our photographs soon. It has now been over four months (entering our 17th week…10 weeks beyond his 7 week max delivery date!) since our wedding and all we have are these 46 photographs.

    As you can imagine, a wedding is one of the most important days in many many people’s lives – the bride and groom and all the family and friends who spent the time to come and support the momentous occasion of uniting two people. We felt that even if the photographs were not ready, Sergio could have at least communicated that to us rather than ignoring our messages in such an unprofessional and inappropriate manner. As of the date of this review, we are still awaiting delivery of all our wedding photos.

    If I had known this going into choosing him for such an important occasion, we would have stayed away completely. This whole experience has been a nightmare for us and all we can hope for is that it resolves itself as soon as possible. I will update this review accordingly when Sergio delivers all of our wedding photographs.

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