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PRO Epic Burger
Difficulty: Intermediate , Length: 2:20 Hr
• Come on Set for the Shoot
• Retouching Food
• Enhancing Shape and Texture
• Combine Multiple Exposures in Photoshop
• Color Correction
• Interviews with Food Stylist and Photographer

In this PRO Tutorial we take you on set with a world class food and beverage photographer, a professional food stylist and a quirky retoucher(Aaron) to create this amazing image.

You will learn about everything that goes into a shoot like this including the lighting, styling, shooting, retouching, compositing and more!

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PRO Tutorial: Epic Burger
PRO Texture: Bokeh 100 Pack

What is Included
Join Phlearn and acclaimed food and beverage photographer Rob Grimm as we take an idea and turn it into a reality.

  • Photo Shoot Video – 50 minutes of interviews, shooting, lighting and more!
  • Complete Photoshop Tutorial – Over 1:20 Hours of Step-by-Step instruction
    • Section 1 – Introduction and Planning
    • Section 2 – Combining Multiple Exposures
    • Section 3 – Warping and Shaping the Burger
    • Section 4 – Enhancing Detail
    • Section 5 – Color and Finishing Steps
  • Original Images – 7 Images Included
On Set with a Commercial Food Stylist
For this shoot we brought in commercial food stylist Mary Valentin who does an amazing job styling the food as well as explaining her career and techniques. Our exclusive interview with Mary will help you understand what a food stylist does and when you may need one for your own shoots. Mary is a wealth of information and a great person.
Phlearn PRO Epic Burger
The Shooting Process
Join Aaron and Rob on set during the shoot and see what it is actually like on the set of a commercial job. We discuss the relationship between the photographer and the retoucher and provide suggestions back and forth.
Phlearn PRO Epic Burger
Rob Grimm Interview
Rob discusses the many challenges involved with creating an image like the Epic Burger. You will be able to see a real world example of this shoot and what is discussed during a shoot. We talk about the time it takes to build and shoot the burger and each step along the way.
Phlearn PRO Epic Burger
Transforming into Perfection
For this shoot we had so many different ingredients stacked together that gravity really started to effect the burger. It is important to do what you can “in camera” to make your subject look as good as possible but you can’t exactly eliminate gravity. That is where Photoshop comes in.In this tutorial you will learn how to transform the burger so that it looks as good as possible. These same techniques can be used with people as well!

Hover over the image below to view the “before”.

Phlearn PRO Epic Burger
Color Correction
The goal with color correction is to bring out the natural colors of your subject. Sometimes a camera will not capture color as vividly as you would like and Photoshop is the perfect tool to enhance them. You will learn how to enhance color and make your subject really come to life.
Phlearn PRO Epic Burger
Make Your Subject Stand Out
There are a lot of ways in which you can make your subject stand out from the background. In this tutorial we cover several of those methods including one great technique for capturing complimentary colors. You will learn how to get very precise results with color matching which will result in a more interesting image.
Phlearn PRO Epic Burger
Bring on the Shine!
The goal is to make this food look as fresh and tasty as possible. There are a lot of things that can be done in camera to give this look. We can also enhance the shine in Photoshop to help bring the image to life.
Phlearn PRO Epic Burger
Covering all the Details
Once the burger has been built up in Photoshop we work on the details that really make a difference. You will learn how to identify all of the “problem areas” as well as how to fix them. Often times the beauty is in the small details.
Phlearn PRO Epic Burger
Final Image
Phlearn PRO Epic Burger
  • pixeleusius

    Duuuudes!!! I love this “special offer” limited time!! If I keep seeing these, I’ll buy even the ones I don’t need! Just because they are cool! the edit work is awesome and Aron is fun to watch, also he goes fast explaining staff and I love that!!

  • Gary W Martin

    What an epic idea

  • Matt Berkowitz

    Has anyone purchased this yet? Is there more actual “shooting” in this than in the past?

  • Gary W Martin

    There is just under an hour of BTS footage of the lighting breakdown, open dialogue, set building, prop styling, food stylist interview, on set food styling, and back and for dialogue with Aaron.

  • Matt Clark

    Anyone know what’s happening with the “instagram” competition for winning this pro tutorial? I havent seen any announcements anywhere for it.

  • bart

    hi Aron. Just watched ths and wanted you to congratulate on this project – it was good value for the money too. I especially enjoyed the post-editing part – I am looking forward to more courses, especially for editorial food photography, styling, photography, post-editing. Thanks it was great. And p.s Not sure if you check sometimes your competition but Creative life is such a rip off. They had a course recently there where one of the photographers is making DIY light table – he is crap at it and the whole thing was 79 Dollars, mad…Anyways keep up the great job, you portal is a winner!

  • Kevin Alsoknownas Winning

    I still never got to use your free Beetle tutorial to check Phlearn out because it always unzipped empty and never worked. What exactly do i need to view this tutorial before i spend my money on it ? and did you color the blue background in post ? thanks, kev

  • Aico Lind

    Hi Aron, just watched the tutorial and thank you for this. Question, do you always work with .jpg’s pulled from the raw files or is it better to work with the .tiff files? Just wondering because it makes it much lighter in PS to work with…

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Jessica Ginzel

I went to university for photography, and while I loved it there and learned a lot, what I lear...
More I went to university for photography, and while I loved it there and learned a lot, what I learned in the photoshop end came no where close to what Aaron's tutorials have taught me.

I have purchased more than half of the tutorials and have more often than not, came out with a whole bunch of new tips and techniques that I wasn't aware of or familiar with. I find myself saying out loud "holy crap that's so awesome" or "oh my god I wish I knew about Phlearn years ago" and other things of the like many times throughout the videos.

Aaron makes the tutorials even more entertaining by being silly and fun! I've had numerous laugh out loud moments. I highly recommend purchasing any and all of the tutorials!

Ron Ibarra

The amount of knowledge you learn from the Pro videos is invaluable. I would encourage it to an...
More The amount of knowledge you learn from the Pro videos is invaluable.

I would encourage it to anyone who is just starting out - or for anyone that wants to take their craft to another level, this is the place to start. Right here at Phlearn. You will learn techniques that you had no idea existed in Photoshop!

Nick Cardona

Aaron and the whole Phlearn Phamily have helped me break out the the rut of doing the same thin...
More Aaron and the whole Phlearn Phamily have helped me break out the the rut of doing the same thing over and over again. It had gotten so bad that I was not even opening Photoshop anymore and I was just using lightroom. Phlearn has helped me re-discover Photoshop and have the confidence to explore new techniques that I would not have done prior to discovering Phlearn. Thanks Aaron and everyone at Phlearn!

Sergio Otero

First of all I must say that I don’t speak english very well (it’s not my native la...
More First of all I must say that I don't speak english very well (it's not my native language) but I'll try to explain myself. How PHLearn has changed my life? Well... Do you know the feeling of looking back and been ashamed of yourself? This is what it happens to me when I look my old photos. Phlearn has tought me a lot of usefull thing: blending, dodging, retouching... things that it could seem easy to do but that they aren't.

As a non-english-native I have to say that Aaron speaks very well, so it's easier for me to understand him. In addition, when he explains something, he doesn't tell you what you should do but he shows you. And, you know, it makes you feel relieved.

In conclusion, if you're thinking of buying some PRO Tutorials let me tell you something: "Stop thinking! Just buy it!" It's the best inversion that you could do. They're usefull and you're going to understand them quite well. And I'm sure that you will be able to make fantastic things soon!

Paul Petch

WOW. I’m not a PS guru at all and do most post editing in Aperture…BUT…these ...
More WOW. I'm not a PS guru at all and do most post editing in Aperture...BUT...these tutorials and textures are amazing.

A game changer for me and my work. Thanks!

Jack Temple

I can’t say enough about Phlearn. It’s the single most important resource for the d...
More I can't say enough about Phlearn.

It's the single most important resource for the development of my photography. But it doesn't stop there. Aaron has taught me not only how to take a good photo, but he's taught me a new way of viewing art, and the world for that matter. Anybody can explain the nuances of aperture, shutter speed, and iso, but it takes a special person to infuse creativity, change the perspective of others, and build a community.

Aaron's achieved this is the last two years, and I cannot wait to see what he has in store for the future! Thanks for the invaluable gifts of art and PHamily!

Jose Duenas

I’ve just joined your great Phlearn community… and just bought my first Phlearn Pro...
More I've just joined your great Phlearn community... and just bought my first Phlearn Pro tutorial too... (The Last Athlete).

It was really great... In my learning experience, tutorials often goes up to 50 or 60% of the professional level you want to achieve (tech stuff, criteria, lightining, etc) ... the other percentage is totally up to you in your experience and perseverance in your work.... but it always seems to be certain PRO knowlege that is really hard to deduce... and it would take a large amount of hours (or days) to get there.

Although you always have to do your homework, this tutorials really give you that... specialized techinques and very practical ways to solve complex situations, and also... very important... they also train your eye and your brain to get a really good criteria to know what to look for in your images.

Thanks for your great work.

Rj Osorio

Even taking into consideration the seemingly endless amounts of free tutorials on the internet,...
More Even taking into consideration the seemingly endless amounts of free tutorials on the internet, I was hard pressed on looking for something that contained a purpose in its teachings. Mostly all you would find is how to apply a one-off text effect you'll never use in your work, or how to pull off a half-baked manipulation where the steps and narration get so verbatim that you get to the point where you'll see yourself following directions for a couple of adjustment layers without any other guidance besides "Set hue to +34, lightness to -7" and so on, and so forth.

Taking this into paid services such as creativeLIVE, or perhaps even; although you do receive some supportive commentary, you'll find yourself doing a lot more review work and get to the end figuring out that the person teaching you this segment might benefit from some tutorials themselves.

I feel as though PhlearnPRO changes this. These tutorials on an arbitrary scale of work are not completely out of the norm, but the combination of thought process and conversation throughout the edit from the sketch to the sharpening will have you interested in the *why* as much if not more than the *how*. This is imperative to visual learners (Which I'm assuming by coming to websites such as these, we all are), and I feel that Phlearn nails this. I knew of the tools of photoshop and how to use them properly, but PhlearnPRO taught me *why* to use them and *when* would be the best time to according to what is on my canvas. That help alone has been immeasurable, and the experience of watching PhlearnPRO has been a pleasurable one, as you get to know Aaron on a professional, as well as personal level.

I recommend this service to anyone who's been looking for that purpose in their post-processing that will give them the drive to execute work that they have had in their heads, and the confidence to follow through without feeling like you've bit off more than you can chew.


Pye Jirsa

Aaron Nace and the team at Phlearn have put together some amazing resources for photographers a...
More Aaron Nace and the team at Phlearn have put together some amazing resources for photographers and digital artists.

For photographers and artists interested in learning advanced shooting and Photoshop techniques, Phlearn is second to none.

Ruben Chase

I have been a follower of that “aknacer” since I finded him on Flickr years ago. Hi...
More I have been a follower of that "aknacer" since I finded him on Flickr years ago. His photos was so surreal, provocative, and super, SUPER realistic. I didn't know how he did that. But I know now (just a little).

On the PRO tutorials, Aaron explains absolutely everything about the creation of one of his images. You choose what edition do you want to learn, you pay, you watch, and you know. Simply like that, better than a college class, and a lot cheaper. It's perfect!
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