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PRO The Last Athlete
Difficulty: Advanced , Length: 3:30 Hr
• BTS Video Included
• Build Perspective
• Create Lighting Effects
• Create a World From Scratch
• Shooting on Green Screen
• Warp to Fit Perspective

This special 3:30 hour Photoshop Tutorial is guaranteed to launch your knowledge to a whole new level! Join us as we create an entire image from scratch, incorporating over 20 photos, CG wings, lighting effects and perpective creation.

Free behind the scenes video included explaining light setup, shooting on a green screen, matching perspective for a composite, camera settings, shooting tethered, and more!

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PRO Tutorial: The Last Athlete
PRO Texture: Amazing Skies

Every Step, Every Detail

This full length tutorial is over 3:00 hours long, and you better believe we cover ever detail. We also include for the first time ever the BTS video, explaining every light, shooting on green screen, and tethering your photo shoot.

We start out by showing you how to create a sketch that will eventually become your final image. Included are some amazing techniques for establishing perspective, and building in elements to match it. As you can see the entire image was created in a simple sketch before we even touch the images.

Next we start bringing in each photo and fitting it to it’s given space. The great thing about using this method is that there is no guess work. You don’t have to be an amazing artist or an art student to be able to follow these perspective rules. We show you how to make it plug-and-play. By the end of this tutorial you will have the confidence to create your own worlds.

After we bring in each photo, they are colored and adjusted to fit the overall scene. We show you how to make light look like it is interacting with it’s environment, and how to create shadows. Then we bring in our athlete, cut him out from his background, and match him to the background.

Included BTS Video!

For the first time ever we are including a video of the photo shoot itself, explaining everything from lighting to choosing the correct height to shoot from. This video is 10 minutes long of explanation that will help you during your next photo shoot, even if you are not shooting in a studio.

Every light is explained in depth including the color temperature, gels used, placement and why we used the lights we did. There are 8 lights total in this scene, each of them is very important. You can see everything in action as we shoot the subject running towards the camera and explain how everything is done in camera to make the composite much easier.

All Images Included

Not only do we cover step by step how to create this entire image from scratch, but all we include all of the images you will need to do it yourself. Because every piece is different, there are many combinations that can be made, each resulting in a completely different final image.

We encourage you to follow along with the tutorial, building the image and learning along the way. That way you will be able to do it all on your own to create anything you can imagine.

It All Starts With a Sketch

Learn how to create a sketch and build correct perspective using our exclusive techniques. Creating a sketch gives you a very clear plan of action when you are putting together complex composites. As you can see here the final image is very close to the sketch. and the perspective is maintained perfectly.

It may look hard to create a sketch like this from scratch, and it would be without help. Luckily we show you how to do it very easily, and you are guaranteed success every time.

Start with Sky

What is the farthest thing from your camera in a photo? Probably the sky. That is why we show you how to start at the farthest elements in a composite and build everything forward from there. That way you can see very easily if something works with a composite.

For instance these buildings were much too bright straight out of the camera. We show you how to isolate them, transform their perspective, and light them so they fit into the environment perfectly. The image you see above is comprised of 6 photos, and is just the beginning.

Shoot on Green Screen

We shoot the athlete on a green screen in the studio using lights to match the lighting of the composite.  All of the lights and setup of the green screen are explained in the included BTS video! 

You will learn how easy it is to cut someone out from their background when shooting on a green screen, and how to use a green color cast to your advantage.

Although this sort of thing looks expensive, you can buy a Green Screen for under $50. Then watch this tutorial and take advantage of this awesome resource.

Light Streaks

For this image we wanted to make it ooze with style, and nothing says stylized like a ton of light streaking through your image.

The light streaks in this image were created from over 20 layers, each with a different blending mode, and each very important. We teach you how to make sure light look realistic by adding depth and following how light changes color as it falls off.

Flare and Light Leaks

When you photograph light, it enters your lens causing flare and coloring your image. When making a composite this can be your best friend, and you can bring it into your image to add life to the subject. We show you how to take the lights from your image and bring them in front of your subject, integrating everything together and making the viewer believe that the entire image was photographed together.

Light Bounces

When you place a light source in your image, it is not a static object, it effects everything else in the image.

When we added these light streaks, special attention had to be made to make sure they color every object around them. This includes the athlete, the ground, the bleachers, and even color effects on the lens.

Learn to Warp.

Chances are the images you take for your composite won’t be in the correct perspective, which can ruin a composite if you don’t know how to correct this issue. We show you how to calculate the vanishing point, the horizon and the perspective of not only the composite, but of all the included images.

The next time you are compositing images together, you are sure to have the correct perspective using out exclusive method. You can see here that the bleachers had to be warped like crazy to fit into the final image, though looking at the final you would never know.

Phlearn Gives You Wings

Literally, we include images of wings in this PRO Photoshop Tutorial. These wings were modeled using Z Brush, and rendered with Cinema4d and Vray specially for this tutorial. We show you how to take foreign elements such a CG wings and bring them into a photo to make them look realistic.

Final Image

We hope you love this tutorial and the image. It is the result of over 80 hours of work and collaboration with the Phamily. We have covered everything from concept creation to shooting on a green screen to compositing it all together!

  • lxegre

    Thanks for this in-depth tutorial. There are really a ton of subjects covered (I particularly liked the perspective techniques and the compositing from scratch). About the wings or not wings struggle : I’d probably prefer to go without ;-)


  • Kaos2603

    Great tutorial, i’ll love to have the wings rendered from different perspectives.

  • Antoine Willaeys

    Downloading :)

  • Blaž Vatovec

    I really hope I am not going to regret this, being my first comment and all…

    Have to say this first:

    1. Aaron, YOU are an inspiration. Your energy got trough to me and gave me strength to put school I didn’t really like on hold, and start pursuing my dreams. Know that you influence even the smallest European countries like one where I am from (Slovenia). A month ago I was losing my mind at school, today, thanks to you, I am painting my own studio!
    2. If I made an image like this I would KILL myself for being so AWESOME!
    3. I really HATE giving critique to work that is so far beyond me.

    …but here goes:
    Aaron, the image looks great, but I think YOU could do better! When I first saw your work, my eyes popped out! And I was so exited to see your new photo, but when I saw it, it really didn’t stir up all that emotion. It is good, but not “Aaron Nace” good!

    First the wings: They don’t look that real to me, like they are not a part of the picture.  They are too sharp and clean compared to the rest of the image. They look a bit away from the subject, and not angled like his back. Like they are not on him. (Also I would make them bigger. For me, human(angel) wings should be bigger. This might be the reason for my perception, that wings look too far back). Wings are a real work of art on they’re own, but they don’s shine on this image like they should. And like you said: “What doesn’t add to the image, it…”

    The subject’s legs look weird to me. Like someone is twisting his left knee in. And like the legs want to go into different direction (towards the camera). I think this is because his shorts are not straight (looking at the little white stitches on his pants)  Upper body is just perfect!

    The background and the whole image could be a bit more dramatic and vivid. I guess you tried to create something similar like Dean Bradshaw’s runner ( ) His whole image is very dramatic and sharp which just ads to the feeling of being alive and just wanting to run! I love the lines on your image! And the detail of the lights and flares are just amazing!!

    I haven’t watched the tutorial jet, but i know that it is your (and your teams) best!
    This is just my humble opinion, opinion of someone who really thinks YOU are one of the great ones (as an artist and as a person). Would be honored to meet you some day…


  • Mark Alan Jones

    I’m going to have to agree. I have tons of Phlearn Pro’s, and they have been the most valuable resource to me that I have ever found, and Aaron you are incredible at what you do and always an inspiration.

    The image is excellent and totally above my skill level, but, please blur the wings. It’s a really glaring problem, and a problem that you have taught the phamily to look for! It’s very obvious in the close up picture you’ve posted above. Secondly, if the guy is rim lit, then why wouldn’t the wings be? The rest of the image blends beautifully, it’s just those wings that I feel are letting the picture down.

    Now, I’m sure I will buy this Pro, and I’m sure it will be super super packed full of useful information that will blow my mind. But, critique is important, and people have said the same stuff about my work and it’s really helped me. I’m sure you can take this image from excellent to jaw dropping.

  • Aaron Nace

    I totally agree with your comments Blaz. If I had a couple more hours I would surely have fixed all of those errors, but this is a live tutorial, and there is only so much time. 

    It is already over 3:30 hours long and we do cover a ton!

  • georgemohr

    amazing value …very well done Aaron. 
    Please keep them coming … You’re a wizard at what you do.  Thanks

  • Carrie

    This 3+ hour video is packed with technique, a little science, and mind-blowing creativity. Aaron is able to explain complex techniques and rules such as perspective in an easy to understand manner that makes perfect sense. He is a master at Photoshop, and a master at training. Brilliant!

  • Guest

    Hi Phlearn :) Ive just pruchased this tutorial….how long usually it takes to send the links to my email??

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John Hill

PHLEARN is my go to place. I search endlessly trying to find information to help me edit my ima...
More PHLEARN is my go to place. I search endlessly trying to find information to help me edit my images and there are few willing to help. I give freely any knowledge I may have to anyone who asks, which is why I am a faithful patron of PHLEARN.

Thank you Aaron and all who assist you for the willingness to share so that the photographic community can grow. I have learned a great deal and that has made such a difference in my work which my customers are the beneficiaries. I have gained confidence knowing that my images are the best they can be from my perspective. Keep it up. I thing there is one or two more things for me to learn! :-)

Steve Parker

I’ve been a photographer for a long time and have been using Photoshop since its first in...
More I've been a photographer for a long time and have been using Photoshop since its first incarnation. I thought I pretty much had it covered. Turns out, not so much. I'm pretty new to the site but I have learned so much from watching Aaron's free videos that it was a simple decision to purchase the PRO tutorials and I'm so glad I did. The quality of the production and level of content is awesome; in depth but clearly explained.

Aaron has such an easy, natural way of presenting information that you can't help but feel you're being personally tutored by someone who really knows and loves his craft.

Save your money on books, stop looking at 10 minute blurry Youtube clips and spend some time with PRO. You'll learn more from one PRO tutorial than you will from most books out there combined. Where can you possibly get between 2-3 hours of professional tutoring per video that you can refer to over and over again for under $25 (even cheaper when he has a sale)? 'Nuff said.

Lia Niobe

Without Phlearn I would not be where I am now. I spent hours watching your tutorials, enjoying ...
More Without Phlearn I would not be where I am now. I spent hours watching your tutorials, enjoying the high quality and friendly atmosphere. If I need to know something Phlearn is where I look first. You have taught me so much and you guys are just incredible for sharing your knowledge with us, not asking anyting in return. You've showed me things I hadn't even considered to think about and I have to say THANK YOU for being just awsome! I'm very proud to be part of the Phlearn Phamily!

Isaiah Vaba

First time I purchased a pro tutorial I was skeptical because I don’t normally buy anythi...
More First time I purchased a pro tutorial I was skeptical because I don't normally buy anything off the internet. I had no idea what I was getting exactly, and frankly wasn't sure if it would even be worth it since theres tons of videos on youtube.

After checking out a few of the daily tutorials I went ahead and decided to purchase the blacksmith pro tutorial. I was immediately hooked on the pro tutorials. I could not believe the phlearn team gave me over 3 hours of valuable learning information, and brushes.

At first I was phlearns greatest skeptic, but now a daily follow that has purchased 8 separate pro tutorials. Do yourself a favor, save some money and buy the package, because in the end you will want to purchase all of them and they are well worth it.

There is no better learning tutorials out there.

Tina Brown

Photographer currently living in Chicago available for assistant and retouch work. Phlearn has ...
More Photographer currently living in Chicago available for assistant and retouch work. Phlearn has been a wonderful guide for the past 2 years!

Jesse Gross

I am quite new to the Phlearn Phamily (only about 2 weeks), but since I found Phlearn I haven&#...
More I am quite new to the Phlearn Phamily (only about 2 weeks), but since I found Phlearn I haven't stopped. I've watched ever episode from the most current going back MONTHS and am still going. The wealth of knowledge within the free content has already lead me to purchases a couple Pro content just within the last week. The transparency of Phlearn coupled by the opportunity to free involved really does give this website/service a community feel.

Thanks for everything that the entire Phlearn team does and I'm happy to be a part of the Phamily.


liam hennessey

At first I thought this PHLEARN guy was off his ROCKER and had a lot of girlfriends. I quickly ...
More At first I thought this PHLEARN guy was off his ROCKER and had a lot of girlfriends. I quickly realized he means business. Phlearn is our go to resources for all things photoshop.

'Phlearn It' has become part of our every day vocabulary. Keep up the great work whacky b@stard.

Paul Frocchi

Newbie to Phlearn. But with these first two purchases, I’m confident Aaron and Phlearn wi...
More Newbie to Phlearn. But with these first two purchases, I'm confident Aaron and Phlearn will be added to my list of 'e-Mentors' who have helped me grow. I just purchased Vintage Action.

What I love about it (besides the look) is that Aaron has left the layers editable....allowing me to continue to make the image 'mine'. Rather than my feeling I've pressed a button and now it's someone else's work.... on top of mine. Thankyou for that Aaron!

Tim Shahady

I’ve been following Aaron’s work since the days of the Flickr self portraits. I alw...
More I've been following Aaron's work since the days of the Flickr self portraits. I always left wishing I knew how he made those amazing images and feeling inspired, but inadequate. With Phlearn, I am learning those techniques and more! Not only does Aaron share his deep knowledge of Photoshop, he does it in a way that makes me feel as if I am sitting across from a friend. His delivery is at a great pace; moving quickly but making sure to explain the more difficult concepts fully, while not wasting time with endless repetition.

With some tutorials on other sites, the only way to use the lesson is on the image given. Phlearn tutorials leave me thinking of how I can use the techniques in other shots I've made. Phlearn lessons are not the standard Photoshop fare, but a much deeper learning experience. Aaron looks at achieving his goal in multiple ways and shares that unique insight with his viewers. Many of these "out of the box" techniques have been the most useful I've added to my Photoshop arsenal.

The abundance of free tutorials is amazing and the Phlearn Pro tutorials take editing to a whole new level! For an incredibly reasonable fee, I've learned not only how to fix/enhance an image, but a whole new way to approach Photoshop!

I look forward to seeing how the Phlearn Phamily grows! Thanks for all of the inspiration!

Jonas Forsberg

Phlearn serves great food for thought in the continuous strive to perfect the PS crafting What&...
More Phlearn serves great food for thought in the continuous strive to perfect the PS crafting ;)

What's most striking is the great bang for the buck. Quality equals those charging 5x for similar content...
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