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PRO The Outlaws
Difficulty: Advanced , Length: 3:10 Hr.
• Calculate Advanced Perspective
• Creating Shadows
• Adding Fire
• Cutting Subjects Out

Sometimes you try your best and your photos still come out boring. In this Advanced PRO Photoshop Tutorial we show you how to photograph and composite your subject onto a new background to make your image really stand out.

From retouching and compositing to special effects and coloring, this PRO Tutorial has it all!

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PRO Tutorial: The Outlaws
PRO Texture: Smoke and Fog
What is Included
What happens when you photograph your subject on a blank backdrop and decide later to composite them into a different background? In this PRO Tutorial we cover everything you need to know including:

  • Complete Photoshop Tutorial – Over 3:10 Hours of Step-by-Step instruction
    • Section 1 – Introduction and Planning
    • Section 2 – Creating a Background From Multiple Images
    • Section 3 – Cutting Subjects Out of Background
    • Section 4 – Calculate Camera Angle and Match Perspective
    • Section 5 – Highlights, Shadow, Color
    • Section 6 – Adding Fire
    • Section 7 – Retouching and Finishing Touches
  • Original Images – 20 Images Included
  • Custom Photoshop Brushes – 3 Custom Brushes
  • Custom Photoshop Action – Special Composite Action
Creating a Background
Often times you are not going to find the exact background you want for an image, so being able to create one from many different sources is a great skill to have. In this tutorial we cover all the essential steps on how to photograph and composite backgrounds together seamlessly.After the background is created it needs to be altered to fit the subjects and make sense with lighting. This can be quite difficult if you don’t have experience changing exposure and altering color and light. That is why we pay special attention to teaching it the right way in this tutorial.

Rollover the image below to see what you will learn on transforming a background.

Phlearn PRO The Outlaws
Creating Fire
It is generally not a good idea photograph a ball of fire right next to someone’s head, that is where Photoshop comes in. The freedom that Photoshop gives you is amazing and literally anything you can think of can be done. In this tutorial we show you how to cut the fire out of its background and integrate it seamlessly into the image.You will also learn how to create the light on the ground that is cast by the fireball.

Phlearn PRO The Outlaws
Learn How to Cut People Out
Any time you plan on compositing multiple images together you are going to have to cut something out. Depending on the complexity of the image, you may need to be very precise. These subjects proved to be challenging because they are each on a motorcycle with a lot of small parts and individual spokes on the wheels.No matter how complex your subject is, you will be able to cut them out properly after this tutorial. We even develop an amazing trick to get rid of the white edges so commonly associated with composites.

Phlearn PRO The Outlaws
Phlearn PRO The Outlaws
Amazing Blue Fire
You will learn far more than just how to cut out fire in this tutorial. After it is isolated from its background, we add layers upon layers of detail to make it more realistic and dynamic.What happens when you want blue fire in your image but can’t photograph blue fire? We show you how to alter the flame color while retaining color depth and detail as well as subtle highlight color shifts.

Light Cast on the Ground
The tough part of compositing these people in the background is that they are each holding a glowing ball of light. Any time you have a light source in an image, that light needs to effect everything around it to look realistic. That means that even the ground under the bikers gets lit by this blue light and needs to transfer onto the new backdrop.
Highlighting Details
There are so many great details in this image and we cover how to bring out the details you want to see and how to hide the details you don’t. When you have this much going on you have to cut out your subject perfectly so you can see the background through parts of the motorcycle.
Interacting Subjects
Remember these images we not supposed to be composited together. At the time of shooting, these were going to be separate photos on a gray background. Only after editing the images did we decide to composite them together onto a background.This means that the subjects have to blend perfectly with the background as well as each other. In this case we had to be sure the light from the orange fire casts light on the woman biker. All of it is done in Photoshop.

  • kayhettin

    Aaron, dude, this is literally like the Konami code for doing compositing. The Full Check is sooooo OP (overpowered) in the sense that it makes it so easy to place objects within the scene. You have heavily enlightened me, many many thanks.

  • Mark Hoffmann

    Hi Aaron, decided to spend my weekend going through this tutorial, with a few slight variations. :) Have attached the resulting .gif, hope it works. I used the teal/orange colour toning you discuss in the “How to make a badass photo”, and left the headlights in and used the “how to make light beams from nothing” to turn them on. Hope it looks all ok… Anyway, great tutorial, learned a lot! Cheers, Mark

  • Mark Hoffmann

    hmmm. The attachment above is supposed to be a moving .gif, looks like I can’t post it on here as it gets converted to a .jpg. I used three fireballs for each character and did some dodge and burn to simulate flickering. Can I post it onto my Deviant Art page and link here?

  • Dimitri Otero

    Hey Aaron,

    I was so excited to buy my first tutorial that I forgot to put in the discount! I love all your tutorials and have learned so much from them. Not to sound cheap, but is there any way to get the discount after the purchase? Thanks again for all the great work you show us!

  • Geoff Anderson

    For me, the best tutorial so far. I really enjoyed this comprehensive treatment and learnt a huge amount. The end product is a terrific image. Can’t wait to create my version. Missed the discount paid full price but worth every cent.

  • Dhruv Tadvi

    where can i see the full video?

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Dan Hashemi

I started in photography about 2 years ago and decided to see where my imagination can take me....
More I started in photography about 2 years ago and decided to see where my imagination can take me. I quickly realized that I loved to edit my shots to create something that often the naked eye can't see. I heard a lot of chatter on different social networks regarding the use of Photoshop and how nothing in photography is real anymore...well, I couldn't disagree more. Photoshop is just the new painters canvas, and just like every major painter drew what their heart saw, we use Photoshop to bring to life what is in our minds.

I saw Aaron's work a while back on Flickr and was amazed by his level of creativity, the quality of his editing and of course his amazing photography in the first place. And this is where PHLEARN came into play for me. The first time I came across PHLEARN, I thought "Finally! Someone is providing and teaching the tools for those who want to express the images in their heads but didn't have the know how".

Just through the Free Episodes alone you can tremendously improve your skills and start to build images like never before, so just imagine what is possible with the PRO Tutorials. On top of all that, PHLEARN doesn't even ask for a lot of money for what they provide, which makes it the first honest and fair deal on the net with a serious return on investment.

Go through 3 Free Episodes and I promise you, you will be hooked on the entire PHLEARN package!

Natalia Osmolovskaya

I’ve been experimenting with Photoshop for 4 or more years now, and I found myself consta...
More I've been experimenting with Photoshop for 4 or more years now, and I found myself constantly using the same techniques which did not help me progress and did not make my photos look too realistic. After coming across Phlearn, joining the daily discussions in the episodes and getting a Phlearn Pro video, I realized how much more there is to Photoshop. The episodes opened my eyes to new ways of editing a picture and making it stand out. Aaron covers absolutely everything there is to know about the program!

The Flood Pro episode that I have purchased showed me the process of making an image (explanation of the light sources was very helpful), as well as the post production. I learned how to make the model look perfect yet natural, I learned about making a composite and how to create a mood for the picture, as well as many more ways of creating a photograph that I still use today.

I highly recommend getting a Phlearn Pro to anyone who is interested in taking their creativity to the next level!

Jandrie Lombard

Hi, my name is Jandrie, and I am a phlearnoholic. I have downloaded a total of 30 Phlearn pro&#...
More Hi, my name is Jandrie, and I am a phlearnoholic. I have downloaded a total of 30 Phlearn pro's, and every single one of them has been great. They go into detail, from start to finish. They don't only show the cool things, but also take you through the less exciting bits of making a great image. I have learned to take my time, and think about the image, does the image make sense.

The Pro Tutorials also showed me what was possible in photoshop, which is very handy when doing a shoot, so you know what you can fix afterwards. It also shows a great attention to detail. Since watching phlearn, my images have improved out of sight, and it's all down to Aaron and the team. I would say it's almost like having an unfair advantage. I can thoroughly recommend Phlearn PRO.

Sarah Allegra

I absolutely LOVE Phlearn. It is the #1 site I recommend to anyone wanting to learn about photo...
More I absolutely LOVE Phlearn. It is the #1 site I recommend to anyone wanting to learn about photography or Photoshop. There is just no comparison to the amount of information you get, the quality of it, and the entertainment you get along the way is a big bonus! Aaron Nace is a truly likeable person who very deftly explains sometimes complicated skills in a way that's very easy to grasp. I was good at Photoshop before I discovered Phlearn, but it has taught me SO MUCH. After nearly episode, I find myself exclaiming, "Holy shit, I had no idea!" about some technique or another.

I love the free episodes they make every week, but, my god, the Pro Tutorials are just unbelievable. I have purchased a number of them, including the Nude Flying Fairy and Dark Skies, and the trove of information you get for the price is just unbelievable. Aaron does a spectacular job at breaking down the steps of the photo, making what might seem like an overwhelming edit easy to digest in bite-sized chunks. The level of detail he goes into makes the techniques you learn in each tutorial applicable to any situation you might find yourself in.

You leave each tutorial feeling like a whole new world of Photoshop has been opened up to you that you never knew existed. And better still, if you find you can't quite remember how a particular bit was done, you can replay the video any time you need a refresher. Aaron's playful personality makes all these tutorials so fun; it's like a good friend is in the room with you, helping you understand the task at hand, and never judging.

In short, Phlearn is just THE BEST Photoshop/photography site around, period. After you go through a tutorial, your work will never be the same.

Isaiah Vaba

First time I purchased a pro tutorial I was skeptical because I don’t normally buy anythi...
More First time I purchased a pro tutorial I was skeptical because I don't normally buy anything off the internet. I had no idea what I was getting exactly, and frankly wasn't sure if it would even be worth it since theres tons of videos on youtube.

After checking out a few of the daily tutorials I went ahead and decided to purchase the blacksmith pro tutorial. I was immediately hooked on the pro tutorials. I could not believe the phlearn team gave me over 3 hours of valuable learning information, and brushes.

At first I was phlearns greatest skeptic, but now a daily follow that has purchased 8 separate pro tutorials. Do yourself a favor, save some money and buy the package, because in the end you will want to purchase all of them and they are well worth it.

There is no better learning tutorials out there.

Nick Silvester

The Phlearn Pro Tutorials have completely changed the way I approach projects in Photoshop. Not...
More The Phlearn Pro Tutorials have completely changed the way I approach projects in Photoshop.

Not only have I learned so much new material, I've now seen how the tools I used to use on a regular basis used in completely different fashions rendering amazing results. The icing on the cake is all the extras you get with the purchase; the patterns, textures, brushes, actions, etc.

You guys have really built something great here. Thanks a lot!

Michael Woloszynowicz

Phlearn’s free courses trump most of the paid options that are out there and the PRO ones...
More Phlearn's free courses trump most of the paid options that are out there and the PRO ones absolutely destroy them. Phlearn is the only place where I've seen practical solutions and examples to the problems that photographers face on a daily basis.

Aaron's presentation of both photography and Photoshop techniques is clear, concise and enjoyable. The value you get from the texture packs and PRO courses is fantastic and they immediately take your finished products to a whole new level.

I love my weekly dose of Phlearn and look forward to the ambitious projects in upcoming PRO tutorials. Keep up the great work Aaron!

Scott Allan

As far as photoshop is concerned I’m very much in the early stages, but the way Aaron tea...
More As far as photoshop is concerned I'm very much in the early stages, but the way Aaron teaches even an old non-techie beginner like myself can follow along with plenty to learn in a very understandable way no matter how much, or little, they know.

Someday maybe I'll actually get decent at this stuff, but for now at least I found a place where I can find plenty to keep me going without feeling overwhelmed or intimidated... Proud to be part of the Phamily!!!

Ben Scott

I am currently a graduate student in Art and Design and Phlearn is my number one resource for P...
More I am currently a graduate student in Art and Design and Phlearn is my number one resource for Photoshop and Photography tutorials. When comparing Phlearn to other training sites, the first thing which stands out is Aaron's passion for the subject matter and teaching it to others. When I was in Chicago I stopped by to check out their studio. The staff at Phlearn couldn't have been nicer to take the time out of their schedule to give me a tour and talk to me.

The tutorials are much more than the technical way to create an image. They help you think about ways to solve and make your own photos. Where other sites teach about the tools. Aaron teaches how to use them in a successful manner. Although I have only been serious about photography for the last two years, I feel the biggest improvement in my craft started by watching Phlearn.

Alan Grech

I have been a follower of Aaron’s work well before Phlearn ever took shape. I was overjoy...
More I have been a follower of Aaron's work well before Phlearn ever took shape. I was overjoyed when Phlearn was born. The website had single handedly revolutionised my way of learning photoshop. No more scouring for videos on youtube to learn or to find something interesting. Now I had a website where I could visit and learn something new every day. No re-hashed lessons like many other vloggers was 100% original content.

I was a bit let down when Phlearn decided to expand its content to miscellaneous rehashed articles found around the web and on a thousand other websites/blogs. It was no longer unique and no longer comprised of just original content. Your later decision to remove all that content from the website brought new hope that not all focused incredibly talented startups have to become run of the mill, a dime a dozen websites.

Phlearn Pros are also a great concept. I totally respect the business model and have purchased a few myself. The level of detail that can be found in these tutorials is nothing short of amazing. It's like discovering photoshop anew every time.

Something I would really love to see is one or multiple Phlearn Pro episodes where you use 3d modelling software either to create a concept or better still, to actually create assets for the final image. I have never tried using these kind of programs and having a photographer's introduction to these applications might make more sense to us than delving into video tutorials found on the net which are more targeted to hardcore 3d artists.

Thank you for all that you have done.
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