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Editing Your Profile Picture to Make it Stand Out

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Mar 28

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Editing a Raw File

In today’s episode I’ll edit two different photos by showing you a few tips to make your photo amazing. Each image has a few issues that could be improved, and we can fix this by tweaking our settings without having to even open it up in photoshop. Editing in Lightroom is a quick easy way to fix exposure, color, and white balance issues with your handsome face.

No photoshop necessary, but you can use the same settings when importing a RAW file into photoshop in the Camera Raw dialogue.



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  • Thanh Nguyen

    I dont use PTS and lightroom because it makes the wrong color of your raw image!

    I use 3 software:

    1. CaptureOne (Canon) : use when you need to edit the “color temperature”, “Contrast”, “exposure”, “detail”, “black n White” standard

    2. Nikon Nx 2: Raw output file, used to increase the brightness, color but still keep dc Boost color, mix of colors, image series that just a single mouse click

    3. Photoshop: shaving edit collage, paint brushes, fancy things, the old hammer effect to the layer.

  • jm

    uhm you’re generally funny, but I would’ve cut out that sexist-y part too, :p

  • Marius Manastireanu

    I use this on serial killers renting like web sites. :) )))

  • ShaneS

    Hey Aaron have you ever tried light painting photography? you should try it sometime its a lot of fun and awesome results every time

  • Amelia Fletcher

    i missed that part! ah you gotta watch it with this one you never know what he’s going to let slip ;)

  • Yo Mama

    Crop me as close as you can!

  • Astragony
  • Jeni

    lol He’s just keeping it real. Guys like boobs, nothing sexist about that. ;-) I got your back Aaron.

  • Victorialynnle

    real talk baby, from me to you LOL

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Keep a gray towel in your bag, you can use it to custom white balance as well as dry your gear if rain hits.