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Why We Offer Critiques

We offer these critiques as a way to help the individual improve, as well as help the community.It can be very hard to improve if you have no idea what you need to improve on. Chances are, if someone is struggling with something, many other people struggle with the same issues. Watching a complete stranger have their portfolio critiqued could be one of the most helpful things you can do.

What Are The Critiques Like?

“My experience with the Phlearn critique opened my eyes to what I could achieve with photography.  It’s not too often somebody as accomplished as Aaron Nace will take the time, and trust me…it takes him a lot of time, to give you the honest and sometimes difficult truths that you need to hear.  I feel extremely lucky to have had him critique my work, and I’ve been constantly applying what he’s taught me to my work. I am truly grateful.” –  Chris D.

By no exaggeration, portfolio critiques hurt feelings. We understand that, and we take this very seriously.If you are chosen to have your portfolio critiqued, we will meet via video conference and get to know one another before hand. We respect you as a person.

To get an idea of what a portfolio critique is like, please see our critique of photographer Chris D. Also be sure to check out a few responses to a critique Chris D. ResponsePhilippe Response

All portfolio critiques are public critiques, and will be posted on Phlearn. At this time we do not offer private critiques.

How We Decide Who Will Be Chosen

  • Benefit – Your critique will provide insight and help to the community. Images people can relate to are important.
  • Developed Portfolio – This is not for someone who has just started photography.
  • Attitude – You must be serious about photography and about this critique.
  • Disclaimer – We reserve the right to deny anyone a portfolio critique.

Additional Details

As of now we are planning on offering ONE Portfolio Critique a month. This is something that we take seriously, and spend a lot of time doing. The typical critique takes about 20 hours to complete. 


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