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Let’s talk about Flickr and Self-Portraits!

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Jun 27

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Check out the video above to watch Jenna Petrone and Angela Butler talk about the winner’s of last week’s Fashion Photography Challenge. We couldn’t pick one winner so we decided to give away a Phlearn PRO to the 1st place winner, and 2 Phlearn PRO texture packs to 2nd and 3rd place!

1st place and a Phlearn PRO of their choice goes to Amelia Dowd!
2nd place and a Phlearn PRO texture pack of their choice goes to Ben Scott! 
3rd place and  Phlearn PRO texture pack of their choice goes to Sammie Saxon!
Congratulations guys! To recieve your Phlearn Pro’s e-mail us at [email protected] Normally we’d have you fill out a contact form, but woofoo is down!

Thanks again everyone and we hope to see just as many entries this week for our next contest. The next contest is described at the end of this article!

Let’s talk about Flickr and Self-Portraits!

By: Angela Butler

I don’t necessarily believe that every photo has to have a concept or meaning behind it to be a good photo. A meaning can come from a photo before or after you take it, and that meaning could be different for everyone. Basically, whether intended so or not, every photo out there has a meaning. Maybe for the photographer it didn’t mean anything at the time they had taken the photo, but a few years later it could mean the world to them, or to someone else.
That’s what makes photos so spectacular; the meaning of them. And when you, yourself step in front of the camera, that meaning becomes so much more personal. I love self-portraits. I love taking self-portraits, and I love looking at other people’s self-portraits. How could you have more control of what you want out of a model?

I’ve been interested in pursuing photography as a career and art form for almost 3 years, and one of the biggest things that sparked this interest for me are self-portraits.

Flickr is huge for me. I love Flickr, and I am quite aware of all of the criticism that Flickr has received in the past few years. Many people consider Flickr nothing more than a “popularity contest”, and a “graveyard to dump your photos”  but with my personal experience I couldn’t disagree more.

Flickr is the first photography website I was aware of and the first photography website I went on before I was even interested in photography. I remember browsing artists like Aaron Nace (Flickr username: aknacer), Brooke Shaden (Flickr Username: brookeshaden), and Joel Robinson (Flickr username: joel_r a.k.a. Boy_Wonder). While looking through these photographers’ photostreams I realized something. They are not photographers- they are artists. They don’t take photographs, they make photographs… And guess how they all started out? Self-Portraits. I couldn’t believe it. These people would set up their cameras in their living rooms, backyards, in public, and set their timers. From the location to the editing, they were creating ART.

Wow. I can’t count the amount of hours I’ve spent going through these artists’ photographs, reading about the concept behind them, and thinking about how I could re-create something similar myself.

In grade 11 I received my first DSLR camera for Christmas. I used to carry it with me where ever I went. Taking photos of stupid things, like signs with water falling off the edges, or my feet amongst a field of grass, and although they weren’t great photos I still felt as if I was going somewhere with this. Later in grade 11 I was diagnosed with cancer, with my camera in my purse. That was the day (May 2, 2009) my practice in documentation began. I was given a Flickr PRO account sometime before that, so after a day taking photos, I would pick my favorite few and upload them to my Flickr photostream. This continued for 6 months until I was declared cancer-free. The day I was declared cancer-free I said to myself “I don’t want to stop taking photos. I don’t want to stop uploading to Flickr”. The next day I started a 365 days project.

For inspiration during my 365 days project I used to look at other people’s photos. I followed aknacer, brookeshaden, and joel_r’s work the most. Every day I was on their photostreams wondering how they had made their images. These are my top sources of inspiration. I have done many photos inspired by these 3 people and I continue to be inspired by them today. I truly believe I wouldn’t be as interested in photography today if it wasn’t for Flickr and these photographers. Flickr had inspired me to be a photographer before I had even owned a camera. To other people, Flickr may be a graveyard, a popularity contest, and a place to dump photos, but for me it shaped a huge part of who I am today. My photographic skills improved largely because of the mass amount of support I received from Flickr, and I’m sure these 3 artists agree with that as well.

Let’s talk about someone I’m sure you all are very familiar with. Aaron Nace. Aaron has always been, and continues to be one of my biggest inspirations. I was a fan of Aarons work long before Phlearn had begun. I loved going through his photos and reading about them. I had actually taken a Photoshop streaming class that Aaron had offered a few years ago (before the Phlearn PROs were released).
Years ago, I remember going through Aaron’s photostream. I remember being so shocked by his 365 days project everyday. He would pump out a new photo every day, and every day the photo wasn’t just good, it was great! It was amazing. His work shines in such an artistic and creative light that I just wasn’t used to seeing. That’s why his work stuck out so much to me whilst going through the endless amount of photos on Flickr.

One that sticks out in my mind is the photo of Aaron sitting on the wing of an airplane. I couldn’t believe that someone had created this. Also that it was a self-portrait as well? How could that even be done? Of course I know the answers to these questions today but looking at this as a 17 year old who had hardly any knowledge of what Photoshop even was, this was groundbreaking.

What I loved the most about Aaron’s self-portraits was even though Photoshop
was definitely a tool that was utilized, he also utilized all of the  other tools that he could. For example, the photo titled “Kiss me I’m sluggish.” Anyone who looks at this photo hopes that this is photoshopped… But of course, no, this is not photoshopped and Aaron had actually taken this slug, and put it in his mouth. All for the sake of a self-portrait created for his 365 days photo project.

Another photo by Aaron I think of when thinking about Photoshop being used as a tool,
but not as the main seller of the image, is an image he created titled “Royal Blood” which was done as part of an artist tribute series, this shot in particular was a tribute to Erwin Olaf. What makes this image so special, you ask? These needles are not photoshopped. Here is what is wrote in the description on Flickr;
“By the way I DID put the needles in my back for real. I only had 4, so I had to take them out and put them in different places to get my lighting right. There is nothing fake about the needles in my back.”

I love that. I love that someone who is so passionate about a tool (Photoshop) still makes the effort to make the image happen in camera, before he works with it off camera. That is brilliant to me, because we all know if he wanted to Aaron could photoshop these into his back no problem. He didn’t need to make this extra effort, but he did.


Let’s talk about Brooke Shaden. 

She began creating self-portraits for ease and to have full control over the images, and has since grown into a self-portrait artist. Self-portraiture for her is not autobiographical in nature. Instead, she attempts to place herself within worlds she wishes we could live in, where secrets float out in the open, where the impossible becomes possible.

Brooke works to create new worlds within her photographic frame. By using painterly techniques as well as the square format, traditional photographic properties are replaced by otherworldly elements. Brooke’s photography questions the definition of what it means to be alive.  (

Brooke creates new worlds with her photography. After refreshing myself by going through Brooke’s photostream on Flickr I was left quite surprised to see there wasn’t really blurbs underneath the photos explaining her process, explaining why she took the photo, explaining the concept and meaning behind the photo. Then I realized Brooke creates most of her self-portraits under the same concept of trying to create a world, where the impossible becomes possible, and that most of the meaning behind her photos lies behind the title.

For example, the picture titled “The World Above” where she is emerging out of a lake, with an umbrella sitting atop of her head, and birds surround her. For me, the title “The World Above” means simply that. This is a photo about a girl who emerged from her home underneath the water, to finally take a look at the world that she was afraid to look at before. Remember, this is just my take on the photograph. This photo could mean something completely different to somebody else.

Another photo of hers is called “Chasing Childhood”, where Brooke is depicted running away from the camera, birds are flocked around her, and what’s in the distance cannot be seen.
What I get out of this photograph is that she’s chasing her childhood, but she’s not sure why. Or that she’s chasing certain parts of it, and the rest of her childhood is nothing but a foggy haze that she can’t remember. Maybe she’s chasing the part she can’t remember.

The meaning of self-portraiture is different to everyone. Isn’t that fascinating? Some people make self-portraits for practice- to perfect their shooting, lighting, and editing techniques (like Aaron). Some people shoot self-portraits because they love to do it (like Brooke Shaden, Joel Robinson, and myself), and for others self-portraiture is their worst enemy (like my fellow interns, Jenna and Kate).

In my opinion, creating a self-portrait is always a good thing. You get experience in front of the camera, behind the camera, you have all the time you need, and you can make your vision come alive.

Someone who really loves self-portraits is Joel Robinson (joel_r a.k.a. Boy_Wonder on Flickr). For people who aren’t familiar
with Joel, he lives in British Columbia’s Rocky Mountains (in Canada!), he’s a teacher, and he does photography in his spare time. For someone with a Flickr photostream of 1,817 items doing photography in their spare time is more than impressive. Joel loves photography, and he loves self-portraits. He loves it so much that he is actually on his 4th 365 days photo project. Yes, you read that right. His 4th 365 days photo project. When I did my 365 days photo project I had trouble completing it all the way through, but I did! I started a 2nd one and wasn’t able to finish it through the midst of my second year of college and moving 3 times… I can’t imagine the amount of patience and dedication one must have to complete three 365 days photo projects, and then be in the midst of a fourth one! Especially within such close proximity to each other. On his 4th 365 days photo project, when he only started his 1st in September of 2008. How brilliant is that? I think it’s pretty damn impressive that’s for sure.

Joel’s work in my opinion is always positive, uplifting, energetic, funny, and creative. Harry Potter, The Muppets, movies, nature, peace, Disney, and many other things inspire him. If you just take 20 minutes out of your day to look at his photostream you would know exactly what I mean. I’ve been following Joel’s work since the very beginning and you’d think after 4+ years I’d be sick of looking at his self-portraits every day, but nope. Every day I am left waiting for more. With work as imaginative, playful and creative as his you’re left with nothing but wonder and amazement.

So, what do I want you to get out of this article? That self-portraits are important. They may not be important to your particular practice, but they are important in the world of photography and art. If you haven’t already, your time will be well spent researching the endless amount of self-portraits out there that the entire world has to offer. I know I’m blown away by a self-portrait published online every day.

Also, I know that not everyone agrees that Flickr is the greatest website, but to me, and to other people out there Flickr was an amazing starting point. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for Flickr. I’m interning with Aaron and the team at Phlearn because I discovered Aaron’s work on Flickr. I had photos of mine featured in an exhibition about cancer that toured Canada called “Cancer Connections” because my work was discovered on Flickr by one of the men who ran the exhibition- James Burns. Now these photos are in a book titled “Cancer Connections”. Flickr may be a dump to some people, but it completely changed my life.

Introduction: Catherine Rockhold.

Hey, Phamily! I’m the newest member of the Phlearn team. I’m currently pursuing my BFA in Fine Art Photography at California Institute of the Arts (commonly referred to as CalArts). I’ve been obsessed with Harry Potter for ten years and I know Hermione’s birthday. Go ahead. Ask me. I’ll tell you. Ask.

I started working with composites in photoshop six years ago, when I was in 8th grade. Soon afterwards I picked up a camera and started taking my own photographs. What started as a hobby soon turned into my life’s passion and led to my decision to attend a fine arts university.

I’ve just completed my second year of art school and it has dramatically changed my style, technique, and personal taste. My digital camera now has dust on it as I now shoot primarily with older medium and large format film cameras. I went from photographing friends and models to landscapes and still life. I’m slowly transitioning to become a fine arts photographer.

The Challenge

This week the three interns, myself, Jenna, and Kate had our own go at a conceptual self-portrait photoshoot. Onto the results!

Kate’s Results:

When I heard Angela’s weekly challenge, I had a feeling I would a)dust off my digital camera and b) take a self-portrait. I was right on both accounts. It had been a couple of years since I had taken self-portraits, and I definitely prefer being behind the camera lens, so this was a good challenge for me.  It’s interesting to see how photographers represent themselves. One of my all-time favorite artists is Francesca Woodman. In her self-portraits you can see her struggles. She doesn’t attempt to look good or take a beautiful photo. Instead, she strives to show her truth. In all of her work, especially her self-portraits, there is a somber foreshadowing of her committing suicide at the age of 22.

The image I took was inspired by Francesca Woodman, both in technique and in concept. I set up a tripod, had a remote in hand, and started shooting at a shutter speed of 5-6 seconds. Because I was able to achieve the motion that I desired in the original shot, it didn’t need much photoshop time. I cropped the photo to be square, so as to better mimic Woodman.  She shot only in a 6×6 medium format frame.

Jenna’s Results:

To be completely honest, conceptual self-portraits are my worst enemy.  I never challenged myself and pushed myself hard enough to take self-portraits like the talented people I’ve been following on Flickr and other photo sharing sites for years.   It wasn’t until my junior year in college that I started to dip my toes into the world of self-portraiture but it wasn’t something I thought I was good at.

This week’s challenge was literally a challenge for me.  I think this is exactly what I needed, after doing this photo shoot, I feel more comfortable with myself in front of the camera.  I stepped out of my comfort zone to produce a conceptual image of myself and for it to have a certain emotional effect on the viewers.  At first, I struggled to find a concept I wanted to base this photo off of.  I couldn’t decide if I wanted to portray a current emotion or state of mine, something from the past, or create a whole new world through my image.

After being really indecisive and thinking it over for a while, I decided to base my image off of one of the most terrifying dreams I’ve had yet.  In this dream, I was switching back and forth from observing myself from a distance to being in my own body.  I wasn’t sure of my location, but I remember there being windows on a wall  with shadows in them in an eerie atmosphere.  I was on the floor with my ribs about to break through my skin (I didn’t know how to portray this part of my dream into the photo in such a short amount of time), my head thrashing, and feeling like there was something there controlling me.  I was being overcome by something I couldn’t see and I was trying to gain control of my body at the same time.  This was a very short dream and I woke up scared, taking a while to realize I was back in my own bed and that it was all a dream.

When I went to take this picture, I had the idea to take it up against a brick wall and change the atmosphere and feel of the photo in Photoshop.  I set up the shot and had Angela press the shutter for me to capture several different poses with my hair going in every direction and different poses with my body.  I wasn’t sure how I wanted to look in the end image; I just wanted to make sure I had plenty of options for compositing.  While editing the image, I found myself experimenting with compositing, fog, color, and whatever I can do to get the emotion of the image across to the viewers.  In the end, I found myself actually happy with the final image, which is rare for me.  I hope to continue to challenge myself and produce more self-portraits in the future.

Angela’s Results:

Before shooting a self-portrait I always try to conceptualize a meaning behind what I’m doing. While shooting my first self-portrait in Chicago I had a lot of trouble figuring out why I wanted to shoot. I had a lot of trouble trying to conceptualize something. So I spent some time thinking, what in my life has changed? What is something new I want to portray with an image that I haven’t done yet? And of course, the answer is right in front of my face. Chicago. This is my first time in the United States, ever (I’m from Canada), and my first time living in a brand new country. I’ve only moved once in my life before and that was when I made the move from Mount Pearl, Newfoundland (my hometown) to Calgary, Alberta (where I attend college) when I was 18 years old. So, from there I started playing around with the idea that a small town girl is now living the big city life. Moved from Mount Pearl, Newfoundland to the large city of Calgary. Then I moved from Calgary to live in the great city of Chicago for my Summer of 2012. These couple photos are centered around that idea. The idea that I am becoming a big city girl. (PS, I’m not identifying myself as so, it was just what the concept of the photo was about. Am I a big city girl? I don’t know. You decide.)

Your Challenge!

Once again congratulations to last week’s winner’s! Your challenge for this week is to take a self-portrait. What does it have to be about? Anything. Where can you take it? Anywhere. What are the options? Anything. We would love to see your self-portraits and it would be great if you could write a bit about your thought process behind your portrait when you post it!

Next week Angela, Jenna, and Kate will pick their favorite image and the person who submitted it will WIN a Phlearn PRO of their choice! The winners will be announced in next week’s article on Wednesday. We would like for you to post your images in the comments of this post by Tuesday the 3rd, noon CST if you would like to be eligible for the contest. Good luck!

  • A.J. Coley

    The last two self portraits I’ve taken! :)

  • Anand4099

    i used to click pictures before and really enjoyed the whole process, but some were between school and collage i got lost and bunt out, so i stopped clicking. 

    then one fine day i started watching phlearn which inspired me to pick up my camera and start clicking again.

    so today i made this.

    i call it ‘THE LAST SONG’. 

    i would appreciate your comments and critique …


  • A.J. Coley
  • Andrew Vernon

    So, I had a blast with this! I’m not much of a self-portrait photographer but had been wanting to try some levitation type stuff for a while and thought it would be fun to learn some photo manipulation as well. I wanted a reason to be floating/falling and the first thing that caught my eye was the little bb-gun we have at our studio. Goofy I know… Next question; why is there fire coming out of a bb gun? Well, it looked weird to be falling because of a wimpy little bb gun. Looked up and learned how to paint in a little muzzle blast using photoshop = wimpy-gun problem solved! Lit the whole thing with 3 speed lights on pocket wizards.

    Would love to hear what ya’ll think. :-)  

  • Andrew Vernon

    So, I had a blast with this! I’m not much of a self-portrait photographer but had been wanting to try some levitation type stuff for a while and thought it would be fun to learn some photo manipulation as well. I wanted a reason to be floating/falling and the first thing that caught my eye was the little bb-gun we have at our studio. Goofy I know… Next question; why is there fire coming out of a bb gun? Well, it looked weird to be falling because of a wimpy little bb gun. Looked up and learned how to paint in a little muzzle blast using photoshop = wimpy-gun problem solved! Lit the whole thing with 3 speed lights on pocket wizards.

    Would love to hear what ya’ll think. :-)  

  • Evy_mcintyre

    Long time reader, first time poster (eek)! I love doing self portraits, I remember viewing Aarons and other photographers self portrait work over 8 years ago, and felt awe-struck. I’ve been working towards that quality ever since!
    Simple self portrait, hope you like it!


  • Sarai Lara

    I started the 52 week project 5 weeks ago. And on the 4th week I didn’t have the chance to actually take any pictures for it. So for my past week I decided to make an oath to myself, and oath that I would not skip any week and go out and take pictures no matter what, and of course to be a much person in life!

    For that week, I knew I wanted to do something in the water, and so I went to a near by lake, (not a very clean one) and started shooting. Some people even gathered and just watched, which was a bit intimidating. But in the end, I loved the results. 
    This is my image, and I titled it Rebirth for the new Sarai. Oh, and I used some of the for Pro Textures (fog- made into brushes) because I just love it and it adds so much more feeling and atmosphere, AND the Bokeh Panorama video as resources.

  • Caio Porciuncula

    Amazing article! Each day
    I’m getting more and more addicted to Phlearn and Aaron’s dorky jokes :D

    Angela, Jenna, and
    Kate, this article was extremely well written out and very inspiring! Thanks
    for the great work!

    Here are my entries
    for the competition: 

    (And I want to just
    explain the history/concept behind each one a little bit :] )

    Rotting Inside (the bloody picture):

    I was experiencing one of the worst moments in my life. Everything was going
    wrong, and I just felt so miserable and sad all the time. I was literally having
    an emotional breakdown from an extremely sad news I had just received (a person
    who I loved very much had just passed away), and in that moment I literally
    felt like I was going to simply explode. I had to get all of those feelings off
    my chest somehow, so I tuned all the bad energy into a picture. And this is how
    the picture became what it is.

    The Dream Thief (the levitating/light explosion

    Being only 16 years old, I was extremely frustrated with having to choose what
    career I was going to follow. As my passion for art and photography grew each
    day, I wanted to go to an Art School and develop my skills and artistic vision.
    However, my realistic, “down-to-earth” self urged me to go to Law School and
    make some money, as I would probably not have a steady income as an artist. One
    day, I was sitting wondering about all these choices, when I just got furious!
    How could a 16 years old possibly make a decision that will dictate the rest of
    his life? So in an act of utter outrage and rebelliousness, I picked my camera
    up and created the picture, and blamed society for “stealing” my dreams.

    I, Robot. (the robot one):

    After watching one of the most beautiful movies I have ever seen, “The Fall”,
    I fell into a philosophical dilemma. I started to think about society and how
    it deprives us from our individuality. I then fell asleep, and had simply the
    most bizarre and terrifying nightmare EVER. In my dream, I was inside a “Human
    Factory”, a place where robots were building humans and programming them to
    fulfill a specific role in society. After I woke up, I really wanted to create
    a picture to depict the whole nightmare/concept that was stuck in my head. The
    original title for this picture was “Becoming Human”, but I decided to be like
    Aaron and make a punny joke by copying the movie name (hahaha). So this picture
    really depicts how easily we can get lost in society and lose who we really are
    at heart. (Notice the feet are still human? With a robot head? Get it? It’s a human..but
    it’s a robot at the same time? Uh? Uh? Ok, I’m done haha.)

    I know this was lengthy, and I’m sorry to make you guys read all of it, but I thought
    it would be good to explain my pictures a little bit more :D

    And again, AMAZING WORK guys!

    Thanks for the great article!

  • Caio Porciuncula

    Dude, I have the EXACT same concept in my sketch book.

    Like, it is EXACTLY like your photo, I’m not even kidding. Your posing, the shadows, the corner of the walls. Are you my lost twin brother or something? haha :)

  • Mark Jones

    Lately I feel like I’m lost in my life and not sure where I’m heading. In the picture I’m lost in the woods, and the globes of light represent the people in my life most dear to me, who always light the way, and are always with me. The moths are drawn to the light, just like me, and they represent the transformation I’m hoping for.

    I love what you said in the article about Brooke – ‘Brooke works to create new worlds within her photographic frame. By using painterly techniques as well as the square format, traditional photographic properties are replaced by otherworldly elements. Brooke’s photography questions the definition of what it means to be alive.’ That really struck a note with me, but I wanted to do something that was personal, and this is what I came up with. 

    Good luck to everyone in the competition!! These challenges are a fantastic idea to keep everyone motivated and experimenting! 

  • Maria Dolgopolova

    Here is my entry – ‘The idea of growing up’

  • Mark Jones

    It’s beautiful :)

  • berni

    I’m so amazed by everyone’s work! I absolutely hate shooting self portraits, perhaps because of all the beautiful people on flickr! haha! I totally admire anyone that’s willing to let the world critique them! and I love all the artists you have talked about too :)  

    Have you ever seen the work of Alis Pelleschi? hahaha she is amazing!!

    Here is my self portrait “cut and paste”. I once had a novelty portrait done in the lake district where we dressed as victorian’s and they changed it to sepia. My glasses didn’t match and so they asked me to take them off which was fine but whilst they were editing, we saw them just cut and paste my wonky eye straight! hahaha!?? it made me and my sister laugh our heads off when we saw it and it turned into an in joke for years!! Since then I have had my eyes straightened and just thought I’d poke fun at it.

  • berni

    oops  got too busy waffling! heres my pic :)

  • berni

    love the gif that shows how you did it! great photo too :)

  • berni

    this is great :)

  • berni

    you are beautiful! i love this photo :)

  • Mariah Texidor

    Hi all! Well my self portrait is just about my overwhelming summer and mind so far. I am consistently bombarded by my own thoughts and scolding. I have been having a hard time working on my health, getting used to working a lot more  than my job back at school, keeping up with tons of books I hope to read before the summer ends, accomplishing little tasks of mine like making a collage for my room and making a plan to exercise. And a whole lot more, all the things on my floor are some type of representation of such things. I am trying to enjoy  my summer, but like always I feel like too many things with not enough time. 

    In this photo though I used Phlearn’s New old Tone action to get the colors I liked :) Here is the link, I am having trouble attaching it.

  • Linzi

    Early on in my adventure with photography, I often heard that photographers don’t like to be in front of the camera. It never made sense to me because I’m as happy to be in front of it as I am behind it. However, I didn’t really get into self portraiture until about a year ago. My first image was strongly inspired by painters like Botticelli and Carracci because of the way they portrayed women and the human form as well as the fact that had I lived in their time, I would have been the body type they painted. I don’t resemble or relate to the type of women considered beautiful or seen in magazines today (and in fact strongly believe I was born in the wrong era). I’ve always been 100% comfortable in my own skin. That is what I wanted to illustrate with this self portrait by echoing the old masters and a different time.

    The second image is a mash up of who I am. I surrounded myself with my favorite things: photography books, fantasy by my favorite authors, books over 100 years old, pens, pencils and paintbrushes as well as my Shakespearean love quote mug (I love tea!!) and the sketchbook I use to plan my shoots. I threw the paper in the air because I have an attitude and I’m not afraid to use it. I also really wanted to do some sort of levitation shot. I had just got my glasses and wanted an image that fit them, so I went for the “sexy librarian pinup” feel on top of all that. Overall, I love books and my biggest dream for my house someday is a floor to ceiling library. 

    Self portraiture is such a powerful form of expression and I love that we’ve been given this challenge! Thanks for the opportunity and good luck to all the entrants! There are some wonderful images here! :)

  • Xander Rapparport

    These are all self portraits that are a part of my 365 on Flickr

  • Henrik Moschner

    Here is my self-portrait, its inspired by the story of Icarus. it took me like 2 hours to build the wing and yeah i hope you like it :P its called ‘Fallen  Icarus’

  • Erika

    I have a love-hate relationship with self-portraiture. I look at others’ self-portraits and have this burning desire to create, but then I end up hating all my shots when I look through them later. I don’t think I’m much of a model. This one I found after going through a recent self-portrait shoot. It is a test shot that I took to make sure my focus was right. I hadn’t even gotten my flash working yet. Yet, this was the best one from the shoot. Though, maybe I can learn from this that my best shots come when I’m the least stressed about shooting. Once the lights are working and I’m trying to get the pose just right, I just get more and more frustrated as the photos get worse and worse. My best shots tend to be the ones that I don’t intend for. Like this one. Voila.

  • GaryDChapman

    I was so determined to create something especially for this! I’ve been really short of spare time lately but managed to get out (even though it was raining) and shoot an idea I had last night. It was a bit of a tricky one for a self portrait and unfortunately didn’t work out… one to try another day using a model I think.

    So I’m submitting an old one… sorry Angela!! It’s one of my faves though.


  • Photosopher

    Here’s my entry… “Faceless”

  • Jenna Petrone

    Love the concepts behind all of these images, thanks so much for sharing!

  • Angela Butler ♔

    I’m so happy you took this after reading the article. It’s a great shot Lukas, really.

  • Jenna Petrone

    Love the image and the gif! I always love to see how people work!

  • Angela Butler ♔

    it’s okay Gary! I love this portrait of yours. Let me know when you work out the new concept for your new self-portrait, I’d love to see it! :)

  • Angela Butler ♔

    Where’s the photo Andrew? I’d love to see it! :)

  • Jenna Petrone

    You should experiment and do some more of these! I love the image!

  • Omar Perea

    Thanks, Jenna! 

  • Rene

    Haha I’m really late to this party – as usual, but I thought I would share my self-portrait anyway. I titled it “Self-Hatred. It was inspired by Frida Kahlo and by our sometimes complex relationship with ourselves.

  • Guest

    one eve. the light during evening was soft all the way coming into my room via my big window, i setuped my camera with required settings over tripod and took various shots among this and latter in the processes of rejecting the shot i was lucky to no to delete as i later discovered the unique expression of mine.. :) lol added some clounds in the background later in postproduction and a flare with some flying birds to enhance the mood more..

  • shovona

    one eve. the light during evening was soft all the way coming into my room via my big window, i setuped my camera with required settings over tripod and took various shots among this and latter in the processes of rejecting the shot i was lucky to no to delete as i later discovered the unique expression of mine.. :) lol added some clounds in the background later in postproduction and a flare with some flying birds to enhance the mood more..

  • shovona

    one eve. the light during evening was soft all the way coming into my room via my big window, i setuped my camera with required settings over tripod and took various shots among this and latter in the processes of rejecting the shot i was lucky to no to delete as i later discovered the unique expression of mine.. :) lol added some clounds in the background later in postproduction and a flare with some flying birds to enhance the mood more..

  • moyesjack

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