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How to Make Stars and Fog in Photoshop

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May 30

Custom Brushes In Photoshop

Within photoshop, making custom brushes is a great easy way to add a lot of great detail to a photo. In today’s episode we go over some settings that will make your brushes even better. Both brushes we make in today’s episode are available here free.

Download your free brushes HERE

Light Painting In Photoshop

The light streaks in this photo are not photoshoped in, they were actually there. To get an effect like this just use a light source such as a flashlight or a cell phone and move it around during a long exposure. For this photo, we used a 6 second exposure and I ran behind Amelia with my iPhone to create to light streak.

  • Fiona Fogg

    Hi Aaron,
    Thank you so much for all your fantastic tutorials my photography would of flat lined by now if it wasn’t for you and your team :)
    I have Photoshop CS5 and it says the brush tool is not compatible?
    How do I fix this problem?
    Kind regards

  • Rajendra

    Great tutorial Aaron !
     And it’s free- thanks so much !


  • Rubén Chase

    Wow, really impressive! I used those brushes to make an athmosphere more tetric to an american night. They work great!

  • ITmaster

    Hi Fiona below are the steps to solve your problem:

    1. Press CTRl + ALT + DEL
    2. Go to Task Manager
    3. Go to Processes Tab
    4. Find iexplore.exe and rundll32.exe and END PROCESS these
    5. If problems still persist END PROCESS all items in the Processes Tab
    6. Your Welcome

  • Maria Dolgopolova

    You are magician!

  • laurilaukkanen

    Here’s what I created with these brushes: “Soul”

  • Nick

    Hi Aaron, just to say thanks for a great episode – the timing for this is just perfect for some pictures I am working on. As always, I’m truly grateful for all that I am learning from you.  Thank you again, Nick

  • Brian Fisher

    A light painting photo I did a few years ago, using LED lights with multiple long exposure shots!

  • Judy

    Off topic Aaron but…I’m curious what your business card looks like.  Will you show us?

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  • arrowlili

    Brilliant, thanks for those!

  • xpdieto

    Hi we are working on an short serie of Mermaid Ariel.. Now would we like to put her under water.. Do you have any good suggestions? 

  • Christoffer Dalkarls

    Great way of making stars, I have allways been using stockimages up to now! Thanks Aaron! I used your cool tip and created this photo.

  • Isaiah

    Aaron, I have a problem. When I open a new picture in Photoshop, in the Layers panel, it’s named “Layer 0″ and it’s not locked, instead of “Background” and locked. Isn’t it usually supposed to already be set to “Background” locked? So now I have to manually flatten the image. I tried resetting Photoshop to it’s default settings, but that didn’t do anything. What should I do?

  • Cristian

    This was awesome! And thanks for the brushes!

  • Bryan Petty

    That is super cool Christoffer!

  • davidtravis

    Thanks Aaron, here’s how I used the stars brush.

  • davidtravis

    Thanks Aaron, here’s how I used the stars brush.

  • Jeremy Barnhill

    Thanks for the great tutorial as usual!  I have a question though.  When you were using the fog brush you were rotating the brush around.  What is the shortcut for that?  I have tried to figure it out but have had no luck.  Thanks!

  • Joseph Li

    OMG….now we dont have to take star trails and then composite with portraits…

  • iamjahmed

    It is a difficult way to design this type of images. But you have shared very easy to understand video.

  • Mary

    I am having the same problem. Mac doesn’t seem to have a CTRL + ALT + DEL. Any other suggestions?

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