Mar 21, 2012

Editing an Image From Start to Finish- Part 1 of 3

Editing for a Certain Style

Our focus for this photo was to edit it using a high fashion, slightly desaturated look as a reference. This episode is the first in a 3 part series where I take you through every detail; from retouching to overall color effects. In this segment I’ll cover how to lighten shadows, skin retouching, and start on some color effects and brightening the eyes.

Episode Timeline

  • 0:25- One Year Anniversary
  • 2:30- Figuring out what we want to change
  • 5:10- HDR effect to lighten our shadows
  • 6:40- Explaining flow
  • 8:30- Skin retouching
  • 10:40- Using the brush tool for color toning
  • 15:15- Using hue vs. color blend mode
  • 17:55- Brightening eyes

Happy Birthday Phlearn!

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    Hi Aaron, this is such a stupid question, but how you can use the healing tool in an empty layer? When I do that Photoshop says me the selected area is empty.
    Thanx and congrats for the tutorials!

    • user image
      Allen Chen

      I know this is a year late, but if you look on the upper tool bar on the right hand side where it says “current layer”.. change it to “current layer & below” and your problem should be fixed!

  • user image

    Great site. thanks for the tutorials. I’m looking into buying a tablet. It looks like your using a Bamboo capture. What happened to the Intuos 4 small? 

  • user image
    Sarah Kate

    Thanks sooo much for this 3 part-er Aaron, it’s almost like a Phlearn pro! And congratulations on one year of Phlearn, you & the team have done some really really great work here!

    Also, the bit between the eyelid & the eyebrow is called the brow bone :-)

  • user image
    J Ginzel

    Happy 1 year!!! I’m new to your site but I just know it’s going to be a long term relationship : ) 

  • user image
    Gregory Go

    Happy Birthday Phlearn! I also particularly enjoyed this episode(s); it’s great to see a step-by-step to make people look great! Here’s to another great year :)

  • user image
    Abar Aranburu

    “Hey guys! Welcome to PHlearn! My name is Aaron Nace and you can find me on twitter @aknacer….”
    259+1 times! congrats, thank you and happy one year!