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Sweet Ass Eyes (Explicit Language)

Category: Photoshop, Styling, Video
Aug 18

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In a mix of trying to get back to reality, Aaron stirs up the pot a bit. No matter how hard you try to be real with yourself and others, it can be a struggle. There is an idea of what you think the world wants you to be. In reality you would probably be better off being who you really are. People see through a fake. Lets get back to real talk.

Tell me why you first became interested in learning Photoshop. For me it was making fake ID’s so my friends and I could buy beer.

  • Anan Adnan

    you are awesome keep doing what are you doing your are great 

  • Rochelle Williams

    So this is
    my very first comment on here.

    Let me start
    by saying that the reason why I started using Photoshop and why I started
    watching Phlearn is because I wanted to make my photos look better. I just
    recently got into photography and as any smart broke person would do, I turned
    to the internet to soak up everything I possibly can. This website is like an
    encyclopedia full of just about every subject for every level of photographer!
    I love love love <3 it and I think you are doing an amazing job! I hit the

    Now to the
    good stuff…. I really think people were over exaggerating about your excessive
    language. I really liked the ear muffs idea– you warned people before cursing;
    and then you explained your intentions. How much more can people expect? I do
    understand the teacher who said she couldn't show it to her students because
    she might get in trouble and I do understand the people who said it is
    unprofessional. But, you also said you weren't going to be dropping bombs all
    of the time. May I suggest doing your mouth exercises before you go on camera?
    And then if occasionally a word slips out here and there whatever! People will
    get over it I promise! And I am 9000% sure that they've heard much worse!

    OK now I
    have some requests/questions:

    1. I have
    adobe Photoshop 7, which is ancient I know, but on the "How to remove
    stray hairs" episode you used a patch tool and my Photoshop doesn't have
    that!!! I was very frustrated with the brush tool trying to remove this huge
    "stray" strand of hair. I tried changing the opacity and a bunch of
    other things and finally gave up. The problem is that every time I use the
    brush you can always see on the picture that it has been edited. Do you know
    what I'm speaking of –it's kind of blurry? I think I also may have made a
    mistake by editing the colors first. Do you have any suggestions for this?

    2. My
    request is: do you think you could do an episode for new or broke photographers
    on items that will work in place of really expensive equipment? For instance:
    instead of a black reflector can't I just buy a black umbrella from Walmart?
    I'm sure you started out like all of the rest of us and I thought maybe you
    would have experimented a little?

    Thanks again
    for all of your hard work! It is much appreciated and I hope you keep going
    strong! Don't lose hope and keep following your heart! Sorry I wrote you a
    whole book up here lol and I am uploading my problem picture. (A self-portrait)


  • Crestina Photography

    Haha… this was great!

  • Oliviabossert


  • Cassius

    LMAO@ Dickholes 

  • Aaron Etue

    Loved this episode bro! Don’t be worrying about the negativity on here haters gonna hate ;)

  • Claudia

    I totally agree with Melanie

  • Kevin Lingley

    im not offended at all, ill start with that. if talkin more relaxed or whatever on camera is the direction you want to go, then do you it.  this is your gig. my opinion on the whole profanity thing is i think if you look further down the road for phlearn to get bigger or grow from a business standpoint, you may lose sponsors, potential followers, and the support of certain people such as teachers who want to use your lessons in class, or businesses that want to advertise you, etc.  you may just want to ask yourself if its worth it to compromise that.  i dont know if you even want any of those kind of opinions from me, but thats what i was thinking when watching this episode.

    that being said, i love what you do for all of us and ill will support phlearn either way.  i will continue to visit the sight regularly, and i dont care what kind of language you use, i just may need to use headphones around my son haha.  i agree with the other posts about some more photography lessons and in future posts i will try to suggest ideas to help with that aspect.  i got into photoshop to enhance my shots and add fx the camera couldnt…

    thanks again for everything and i look forward to future episodes!   

  • picholine

    Dear Aaron, please never ever delete your old episodes as I missed a lot of them and my maternity leave only starts in November !!! :) :) :)
    Keep doing your job like you want you’re great !!!

  • Dora

    Strange market laws…I only noticed that during the past week the number of comments decrease a lot…but yesterday with the disapparence of your face and today thanks to the “shit” the numer of comment increase a lot…It’s always strange to notice that the market love this kind of thing also if the comment are to blame you they write more than when they appreciate…Strange world when everything is ok no one talk but If you do something “stange” in good or bad soon you see that everyone come to say something…

  • Pascale

    just a “little bit cool”??? No, try fucking ridiculously cool!! The whole time I was in Photography school I was just WAITING for one of the tutorial videos voices to screw up and drop an F-bomb… but of course, they never did. Dry, by-the-books “professional” humor was all we ever got. How delightfully refreshing you are, Aaron!

    I got into PS because, for example, a simple photograph of a tree was not good enough for me. Even a perfectly executed, perfectly exposed, composed, and captured, just didn’t do it. I wanted an outlet for what I see in my head. So a few years back I starting messing around with PS and made some really cool effects.  Mostly with photos of people and most of them nudes. Diffuse glow was my weapon of choice… and I knew nothing of layers! HA! sometimes I go back and look at those photos with pity. I DESTROYED THEM! And there’s not much I can do with them now, they weren’t RAW there were no layers and no psd’s. haha, oh well.
    “I wish that I knew what I know now, when I was younger”

  • Val

    Aaron, you need to be who you are.  If people are offended, that is THEIR problem.  They need to remember that you are giving them something for FREE here, it is up to them to watch or not.  Keep doing what makes you happy. 

  • Murrayphotography

    I agree, lighting :)

  • Anonymous

    That is a great idea Rochelle, we were all there.

  • Phil

    Moi aussi. 

  • Berniharris

    hahaha!! i like the relaxed you and i dont see the big deal in you saying a few swear words. you weren’t aiming it at anyone and thats why this site is so addictive because you are so personal :)

  • AC

    This is what I’m talking about! Love it!

  • Monica Murphy Photography

    You made me laugh Aaron. Everyone drops the F bomb every now and then. I love phlearn, keep up the good work!!

  • Igor Mekhtiev

    Hey Aaron I loved the episode! Keep it real, if some language just comes out… who cares :D

  • Shane S.


  • Daniel Robert Hollick

    I totally understand what you were trying to do there. If people are offended by the language they are missing the point a bit. The point is it’s a guy, who’s really great at what he does, sharing his talent with everyone and he doesn’t want to have to pretend all the time like he’s not a normal guy. The photoshop is great and that’s all that matters, sincerely. I will watch Phlearn even if you swear like a rapper the entire time as long as the photography and photoshop remains creative and helpful. If that ever changed, I’d be the first to go. Keep up the good work and don’t take it all too seriously.

  • Fran

    Its good too release once in a while. this is good shit:)) hahahahah

    Oh, and I have to share this. I stated photography and photoshop because there’s this someone i like that likes it. So i got in to it… and got hooked.:D and now we’ve been together for 2years already…:) so yea… good shit right there:D

  • Fran

    hahaah at least he said earmuffs before swearing.:D

  • Keith Crusher

    If you want some great studio lighting tutorials while waiting for Aaron to do some, check out Excellent stuff there! (And sorry if it’s uncool to post links to other sites – just trying to help!).

  • Tavis

    Great episode, and thanks for the shout out! :D Glad it works for you…well, except the turning off part of it :P I like the real talk…a few years back it probably would’ve been considered unprofessional, but if you look at responses from Tumblr emails, or other big companies, they always keep it down to earth and use today’s “slang”. Real talk is the way to go these days.

  • Murrayphotography


  • Michael P

    I prefer the real Mr. Nace.

  • Richard Brown

    Thanks for another great lesson! Love your work!

  • Katie

    I would much rather learn from someone who was true to themselves…. bring on the language and whoever YOU are.

    Suggestion… I’m not happy with where my photography is at all.
    I like that photo, the concept, the styling, lighting (maybe a little too harsh?), composition, and colors. Any tips on how to accomplish a photo such as this?

    Thank ya

  • KINO Photography

    Hi Aaron, I’m a fan and have been for a LONG time on flickr etc. It’s great that you’re trying to build a community of close knit people. Where you are around and promote communication, that’s absolutely
    fantastic and a huge personal touch.

    You can also take the comments and critiques here on board, but please with a grain of salt. I’ve seen every episode of phlearn and can see where you’re coming from. Trying to please everyone will only end in your unhappiness though imho.

    Aim to please yourself first, in everything you do. You know who you are as a person and what code you live by. You’re putting yourself out there every single day, we’re growing with you but some will never have
    an understanding from your perspective thus they’ll never truly be happy with what you present.

    To all who were angry or whatever…oh my goodness get a life and stop taking it personally. Understand it in its entirety before you complain.

    Ok rant over :)

  • Jay

    Market outrageously.

  • Steve

    Heheh… head, face, cock…  lol
    Shit dick holes?  Not sure about that one :0/ lol

    I understand where you are coming from.  I don’t mind swearing.
    Swear-words are a wonderful, colourful part of our language, and used right is golden.

    These lessons are for GROWN UPS Dagnabbit!!!
    Kids should be playing on BMX’s outside!  Leave this shit for the big boys.
    Speak your mind sunshine! : )

  • Steve

    Reason I got into photoshop was about 15 years ago I wanted to send a proposal to George Lucas to offer my idea for an animated version of a new starwars movie.

    I did an awesome photoshopped coverpage.  But they sent it back to me saying “Go fuck yourself”.

    …so after that heartbreaking episode, for a couple of years I just goofed about pasting my firends faces on porn images, and emailing them to everyone.

  • Flogico27

    please make a tutorial for post processing a cool image output

  • Flogico27

    i like photoshop because in photoshop you are the one who will rule the world :) you can do anything you want with enough knowledge and dedication ,. and i want to see the fantasy side of the world :)

  • Amelia Fletcher

    I love strobist!

  • Dave G

    You know… you crack me up!!

  • Steve

    Love the pic!

  • Andrea Peipe

    How do I turn this damn thing off…omg :D
    Looking cool, I just tried this on my eyes and now I have blue eyes ;)
    It is not so easy – I think at least – to avoid this looking like fake eyes but I am gonna play around a little more. Thanks for showing us Aaron!

  • Anonymous

    Oh my, I can’t believe some of the comments! You can never please everyone – thats what this proves Just to note, Aaron actually said, ear muffs to those who dont want to hear!! Some people really need to loosen up it seems (and I am British – we’re notoriously stiff upper lipped!)
     What Aaron is doing here is amazing, you’d pay hundreds of pounds/dollars/whatever, to get this level of insight and technical knowledge – he’s a professional and this is FREE! I cant quite believe it myself, I feel like I’ve discovered a secret and I really dont want him to become too famous – he may start charging! :)

    Massive thanks Aaron, you’re cool as f****! :)

  • Conn Young

    The message i got from this was that yeah, sometimes we use skanky language in real life, it happens and its just normal for us, but being on camera or in a different environment we change our vocabulary and end up feeling fake. Why not just be ourselves? Pretty much spot on i think :)

  • Samuel

    College professors swear during lecture sometimes, if people care about you saying shit every once in a while they need to lighten up, it’s just word. People say shit sometimes.

  • Samuel

    College professors swear during lecture sometimes, if people care about you saying shit every once in a while they need to lighten up, it’s just word. People say shit sometimes.

  • Ahtziri Lagarde

    Loved this!

  • StrangeKiku

    Holy wow! You look younger in the new Episodes! :D

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