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Jun 13, Episode 316 Photoshop, Tools, Video
Learn all the tips and tricks to edit multiple images using photoshop actions in today's episode to save you time...
May 22, Episode 304 Business, Video
There's a few new things going on around here, with a couple big changes coming soon. Some of them may make some people upset but in the end its all just business and we hope you understand!...
Nov 28, Episode 184 Contest, Photoshop, Tools, Video
Introducing Actions We are so excited to announce the newest section of Phlearn - ACTIONS. If you have never used actions, your life is about to change. Photoshop Actions are basically an entire workflow in photoshop stored in a document. What this means, i...
Nov 21, Episode 178 Contest, Photoshop, Tools, Video
Summary Monday's are contest days! Today we are reviewing the winner's from this week's contest, and announcing a new contest. Thank you to everyone who entered last week's contest, your insights are really great, and I can tell you are all destined for gre...
Aug 10, Episode 106 Photoshop, Tools, Video
Today we are covering how to create actions and then use them as a batch edit. The first important step is to open an image and create your action. To do this go to WINDOW and to ACTIONS. Then use the new action button to create a new action. As you edit your ...
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