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Cleaning Up Eyes In Photoshop When looking at a human eyeball up close, you’ll see that it’s surface is populated with dozens of minuscule, red squiggly lines and cleaning up eyes in photoshop is very important for a great image. These┬áminuscule, ...
Aug 02, Episode 346 Photoshop, Retouching, Video
How to fix the shadows underneath people’s eyes. In this photo taken by Angela, the sun has made some harsh shadow’s underneath Alex’s (the models) eyes. We’re not going to completely remove the harsh shadow because in order to do that ...
Nov 18, Episode 177 Guest, Photoshop, Retouching, Video
In Part 2 we are focusing on the photo itself. There are many good tools to use when doing this sort of thing, but the three to keep in mind are the clone stamp, healing brush, and patch tool. Mom helps me get the details right as we re-create a lot of the pho...
Oct 28, Episode 162 Contest, Photoshop, Styling, Video
Today is the last day of Halloween week, and we are celebrating by doing 2 different types of eye effects. The first effect will be turning the eyes completely black, and just adding the highlights. This is a quick cool way to totally make a photo creepy. ...
Oct 11, Episode 149 Photoshop, Styling, Video
In today's episode we cover how to create Lady Gaga's googley-eyes from her Bad Romance video using a few Photoshop tricks....
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