Photoshop 201
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Color Toning in Photoshop With The Wonders of Color Blurs After adding adjustment layers to our photographer to pump up the blues and yellows, we can further intensify this image by adding color blurs. While they don’t look like anything special individ...
Dec 17, Episode 404 Enhancing, Photoshop, Video
Tips To Reduce The Noise In Your Image Sometimes there just isn’t that much light around and you need to crank up the ISO to capture the scene you have envisioned   When you increase your ISO on a digital camera, your processor amplifies the signal it...
Jul 10, Episode 332 Photoshop, Pre-Production, Retouching, Video
How to get a lower ISO and reduce grain using filters and blur effects. ...
Jun 04, Episode 310 Photoshop, Retouching, Video
It turns out that removing a tattoo in photoshop is a lot easier than removing one in real life....
Nov 22, Episode 179 Guest, Photoshop, Styling, Video
Learn how to take details from an old photo, and apply them to a new photo to add age in Photoshop.Also included is a Photoshop file of the border we use in this tutorial!...
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