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Nov 04, Episode 167 Motivation, Photoshop, Tools, Video
I couldn't be more excited about this weekend! WE are going to turn you into amazing photographers. The challenge this weekend is just that, a CHALLENGE. We don't get better by doing the easy things. I will be contacting photographers in the area and meeting u...
Nov 03, Episode 166 Photoshop, Tools, Video
Today we cover why some things are best saved for the END of an edit. Throughout my history of learning Photoshop and Photography, I have a tendency to rush things. With editing, this can really hurt good process. There are things that need to be done first a...
Nov 02, Episode 165 Photoshop, Tools, Video
General TIPS to help Don't get bogged down with what you CAN do. Focus on what you WANT to do....
Nov 01, Episode 164 Photoshop, Tools, Video
Today we are going into the 2nd part of editing fundamentals -Finding a focal point, and why we edit in the first place. These are things not many people talk about, but they should be at the root of everything you do in Photoshop....
Oct 31, Episode 163 Photoshop, Tools, Video
Hey Everyone! We had some amazing entries this week for the Halloween contest, it was so fun looking through your images. The winners of the contest really went above and beyond, or just flattered me. Congrats Greg, Ted, Angela, Priscilla, & Parthov!...
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