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PRO Textures Distressed Paper
Number of Textures: 138
Age Photos

Add Depth to Backgrounds

Make any photo look aged in seconds by adding these distressed paper textures to them.

Just set the blending mode to MULTIPLY, COLOR DODGE, or OVERLAY and you are good to go.

Number of Textures: 138
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Distressed Paper

If you are looking to make a photo look aged, these textures are exactly what you need.  Hand made at the Phlearn studio, each texture has gone through many stages of distress to add layers of depth. Each texture was then photographed at 20 Megapixels and studio lit to bring the most detail possible.

Just add these textures over top of your image and use blending modes like MULTIPLY, OVERLAY, COLOR BURN, AND SCREEN.

All Distressed Paper Textures are 20+ MegaPixels Large!

Textures in Use

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Random Tips

Having trouble cloning out fly away hairs on a complicated background? Duplicate your layer. On the bottom layer, use the liquify tool to shrink the head, which extends the background into the head (make sure to try and keep the background looking good and not warped around to much) . Now on top layer, use a mask to reveal the extended background, hiding the fly away hair.