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PRO Textures Lighting Effects
Number of Textures: 100
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This amazing texture pack includes 100 high definition images that are perfect for adding lighting effects to your images.

Use these textures on your own images whenever you want to add a bit of flare or effect over top a light.

Number of Textures: 100
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Lighting Effects

Use each one of these images individually or combine them together to make amazing lighting effects on your images. All images are shot on dark backgrounds and are perfect for using blending modes such as SCREEN and COLOR DODGE. If the blacks are too light, simply adjust the black point on your levels slider and they wil disappear!

100 High Resolution Images

Included in this texture pack are 100 high resolution textures that were photographed for the sole reason of being used as lighting effects. Each image has been tested and used in sample images to maintain maximum compatibility.

Textures in Use

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