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Thank You Phamily

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Sep 13

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Thank You!

Since our last episode we have received over 100 comments on how we can make Phlearn even better. Thank you so much for taking the time to let us know how to make Phlearn even better. We are listening.

We are taking a week, and re-thinking all of the content on Phlearn to make it better than ever. When we return we will be bringing a great schedule of content, all exclusive to Phlearn.

If you haven’t seen the episode yet, please check it out here and let us know your thoughts.

Make sure to become part of the Phlearn Family on Facebook, conversate with us on Twitter, and #hashtag your Phlearn inspirations on Instagram. We want to know what the Phlearn community social chatter is about, and who is sharing it. You all keep us motivated to do our best.

  • Joel Werline


  • SxS

    Thanks Phlearn! Your tutorials inspired me to create this image that is now a finalist in Ron Howard’s Project imagination! Couldn’t have gotten this far without Phlearn.
    Now if you could vote for me that would be just as amazing ;)

  • Andres G

    Thank you for all the wonderful vids and all the work you put into them.

    Off topic : I know there is a pro tutorial on the Jill Greenberg look, but is there any chance of making one on Dave Hill affect? I would love to Phlearn how to get the ps3 cover look.

  • Gsightfotos

    Idea…. what about a tut. called: How to work with cto ( and other gels) and the whitebalance thing/ trick :-) in post.
    Grtzz from the Netherlands

  • Rubén Chase

    Thank you  for give us the goldmine of Phlearn.

    I really appreciate the efforts that the Phlearn team put on this, and it’s everything for us, and for free! You are awesome guys, seriously.

  • arrowlili

    I am so glad that you are going to cut the third party content. I know you’ve been growing at an exponential rate over the last couple of months but it also seemed like there was a bit of a disconnect happening at the same time too and content was just being thrown out there for the sake of it.  to be honest I’ve barely checked in over the last month as everything that was the essence of PHlearn seemed to have gotten so diluted that it was barely recognisable… and that really kinda made me sad as it was like being estrange from my phamily!  

    I do agree with everyone else where as i’d prefer, if necessary, that there was a little less content but it was true phlearn rather than the format that has been followed recently. But even so, I’d always keep checking in, as i’ve learnt soooo much from PHlearn, I can’t even begin to tell you! 

    Take you’re time guys, you’ll get it right! it may take a bit of trial and error but I’m certain that all PHamily will stick by you through the process x

  • Amy

    I love this site. I came across it about a month ago and have immersed myself in videos. I even have two of the Pro Videos to keep me occupied. I live what you guys have going here and am looking forward to future content.

    One thing I would love to see you keep is the Weekend Inspiration! Love it!

    Thanks for all that you do!!

  • Sebastian Ortiz

    Also thought about you guys maybe doing videos on Prop making and set building Coming up with the ideas and executing them as a do it yourself type videos, start to finish… :) there’s an idea for you Aaron, whatchathink?

  • Sebastianito

    You mention that you have over 100 coments from previus video. Guess hom many people just watch and never leave comment? over 1000+

  • Kyle Simpson

    What’s with the shirt? :)

  • writersbloc

    Wow, huge congratulations! Very nice photo.

  • SxS


  • AS.H

    I completely agree with you arrowlili….phlearn has just got diverted from its path. I know Aaron you are better person to judge it, but as a follower of phlearn I would say please stay focused to quality.

    But we know it is all part of experimentation for making it better. And you can only be creative when you  do wrong and learn what is right.

    So I know, soon we will gonna see the right stuff the phlearn stuff.

  • Nick

    Hi Aaron

    Too many comments for me to read through below but the gist of what I have read is that there are a huge number of photographers out there who (like me) are indebted and inspired by what you do and all that you give to the Phamily.  I have been following for a long, long time now too (extraordinary going back to the early tutorials and seeing how things have progressed).  Without echoing too much what has already been said, the volume of content is almost an embarrassment of riches – sadly time just doesn’t allow me to go through all the tutorials and I would prefer to focus properly on a tutorial rather than skim through and move on to the next.  It was only yesterday that I turned to ‘How to Cut a Person out in Photoshop’ (pure genius) from early June and this has helped me so much with a very important job which I am working on at the moment… which leads me on to why I am posting this message in the first place: to say that whatever direction you choose to take with Phlearn, I want to thank you – it has been a fantastic and truly inspiring journey so far.  Nick (in London)

  • Rich

    Hi Aaron,
    Thansk for all your efforts producing these great Phlearn tutorials. Allthough working as a professional photographer for quite a while, I can’t stop checking Phlearn evrey other day.
    It’s inspirational, humorous and  I pick up great tips & tricks…Thanks and keep going

  • Zay

    Glad to see we are getting rid of all the third party stuff.  I’m usually using the search bar typing “how” and “tutorial”  just so i can filter out all the third party stuff.  I know its all good stuff, and would probably benefit me to check out the third party stuff, but with my limited time I usually want to find something that will help me exercise my photoshop skills.  I’ve been part of the phlearn family for a couple months now, and have purchased 7 of the pro tutorials (kinda wish i just went with a package, but didn’t realize i needed them all until i purchased them all separately lol), but they are all great tutorials even if it repeats something (which I think you were worried about), it actually helps a lot, because you might word it differently, where as it might not have clicked the first time around but did second time.  Anyways, just throwing in my 2 cents real quick.  Love the website.  

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