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The Amazing Skin Retouch You Have Never Seen

Sep 08

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Today we are talking silly talk. Bringing in an image and retouching LEGS. The techniques we cover in today’s Phlearn are great for things like legs and arms, but are not as applicable for faces. Most people tend to focus strongly on faces when it comes to retouching, which is important, but ignoring the rest of a body won’t get you anywhere.

We start off by making a duplicate of the model’s leg using the magic wand tool and a quick mask. Using the duplicate leg we apply a couple of filters to smooth out the details, while maintaining the overall shape. From there we select out the highlights from the original leg, blur them, and blend them in to add more depth. After these steps are done, we create a custom gradient in the color tone of her actual leg and apply it over her leg using a combination of the marquee, free transform, liquify, and blending. End result = Easy and Fun Skin Retouching! Click HERE to download the sample image to try for yourself!

Question of the Day

What City do you live in? What is a cool nickname for your city?

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  • Greg Sheehan

    Man Aaron… You picked some nasty stems to photoshop. I like seeing you challenging yourself though.  I just moved recently and am trying to catch up on the phlearn episodes. Had to make a beer run mid episode when I saw you drinking some Yeungling. Being from the Seattle area, I havent had that beer since I visited the fam in Ohio; and they had to drive to PA to get it! P.S. dont ever visit Seattle, you would never leave. The beer selection alone would perplex you. Anyway, Im originally from Lakewood, WA and we call it Lakehood.  Everyone thought they were Gangster McGangstersteins, which is really comedic. Now Im North of Seattle and it seems like there is more drug use than Tacoma but a lot less drive-bys and break-ins.

  • Andrea Christina

    The Awesome Button *lol*
    I live in Munich, Germany and we don’t really have a nickname for the city but they say it is the city with heart ;) And it is the last day of Oktoberfest today! And I am watching PHLEARN tutorials ;)  

    BTW: craziest tutorial ever ;) ))

  • anna fabia

    You’re so inspiring! Tried this technique and made some kind of robot-suit

  • Samuel

    I’m from Saint Paul, MN
    The metro area of Saint Paul + Minneapolis is colloquially known as the “Twin Cities,” which is where our baseball team (Minnesota Twins) get their name from.

  • Cefex

    Adelaide .. and we refer to our beloved city as RADelaide!

  • Randell

    I live in Bridgend, South Wales in the UK. We call it ‘The Big End’. Because it is!

  • Alex Hochstrasser

    “Doesn’t that look hot? DANG!” HAHAHA this was wicked funny, Aaron.

  • clair estelle

    looks like some great photo retouching tips there!

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