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The Importance of Challenging Yourself

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Apr 06

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Changing It Up

Today’s episode is all about challenging yourself. When you do the same things over and over, photography or anything really, it’s easy to get bored. If you can push yourself to learn new techniques and shoot different things you will find that you enjoy what you do much more!

Here I share my experiences of teaching myself 3d modeling and set building and how those have kept me EXCITED about my job. Keeping things interesting has helped me to stay focused on what it is that I love about photography, and gives the opportunity to create totally different images for myself as well as clients.

You don’t have to work harder, you just have to work differently.

Using 3d Modeling In Photos

See how I put into practice what I’ve learned by bringing blocks that I modeled in Cinema 4d and Vray into a scene. This can also be done with compositing as long as you can match the lighting and angle correctly, that will make all the difference when it comes to making it look realistic.

  • John White

    Awesome tutorial.  Sharing this with a few people right now.  You should really look into Exporting out of Cinema 4D and having the ability to tell the program what you want to export.  You can make it so just the Blocks and the shadows export, and it will render everything else transparent when you save as a .PNG  . It will speed up the workflow quite a bit for Photoshop

  • Yo Mama

    Don’t worry-boring is not in your vocabulary!

  • Alain Pilon

    Doing something hard is the reason why I left a very high paying job in a big corporation and went to work in a 5 employees IT shop with a huge pay cut (as in 25%). In the two months I have been there, I have learned more than in the last 3 years and I know this will pay off in the end.

    A few years ago, I watched an interview with an olympic athlete and he was saying something like this: “the difference between you and the others is not when you train, it is when you dont”. Basically, when everyone is moving forward, standing still will leave you behind.  

    Back to the tutorial: is there a reason why not to always use smart objects?

  • Macxs Oppici

    You get the point Aaron.

    This is one of the main reason, if not the MAIN reason why i follow PHLearn

  • Marcus

    As John said, maybe you already know, but render out using passes and you can seperate the blocks, shadows and pretty much anything you want. Don’t need to be png. You will then get everything with masks in seperate layers in photoshop.
    Keep up the good work. Cheers from Sweden :)

  • Freddy Oropeza

    I use V-Ray with Maya so I’m not sure if the options are the same, but you should be able to add a V-Ray single object property to the cubes, and another set of properties for the “table” poly.
    Then on the properties for the cubes, set the option for visibility “unseen by camera” but leave cast shadows on.
    Then on the V-ray properties for the table, turn the options for matte object on, and turn the alpha properties to negative value, so when you render you’ll probably get a black frame, but if you look at the alpha, it’ll have the alpha for just the shadows, which you can save out as file with transparency and apply later.
    Then turn the visibility for the cubes back on, and turn the visibility for the table off, render the cubes, save the image with transparencies, and now you can bring those 2 elements into PS individually without need for masking.
    The beauty of separating your passes, is that you can manipulate them individually.
    Hope this helps.

  • Marcelo Moya Ochoa

    This is just awesome. I’ve been wanting to learn 3D (Cinema 4D) for a long time now, and for some dumb reason I haven’t yet. This tutorial is the perfect excuse to do it. Thank you,

  • Ben Leavitt

    Hey Aaron,
    I need dinosaurs for a photo I’m going to be doing, but I have no desire to learn a CGI program just to get a dino.
    Is there a place where you can purchase pre-made models that you can modify for your own use without doing all the work?
    Are there people that make 3D models to fit images?
    What resources have you found useful for learning about CGI?

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