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The Phlearn Guide To Softboxes

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Jun 25

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The Phlearn Guide To Softboxes

These umbrella-like creatures can appear intimidating at first, but once you get the hang of them they’re a breeze to use! Join us as we cover everything there is to know about softboxes.

Softboxes, What Are They Good For?

Absolutely something. Unlike umbrellas which produce a concentrated directional light, softboxes imitate the light cast by windows. The light from the strobes is diffused not only once, but twice when fired through a softbox. This softens the light considerably, making softboxes a great weapon of choice for portraits.

All Shapes And Sizes

Softboxes come in a variety of different shapes, each good for different purposes.

  • Stripbox: This is a skinny rectangular softbox. Its narrow shape makes it good for casting rim/hair lights on subjects without affecting other parts of the image.
  • Octobox. A softbox with 8 sides. Its rounded shape will cast natural looking catchlights in the eyes of your subject, making this a great choice for your key light.
  • Regular Softbox. These can be used for just about anything, from key lights to fill lights.
  • Grids can affect the way light is emitted from a softbox. They help to eliminate fall-off by directing the light into a straight beam.

Where To Find Them

All of the softboxes we use are manufactured by Paul C. Buff. You can also find a slew of different softboxes on websites like Adorama and B&H.

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