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Shooting for a Composite-Part 2 of Total Recall Poster

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Jul 25

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Do As Much As Possible In Camera

Today we’re photographing wall tiles to composite into the final image as they are falling. It would be pretty simple to create squares in photoshop, but these tiles have interesting patterns and, since they are multi-dimensional, catch the light in way that will make it look much more realistic when we bring everything together.

To create an effect with composite work it’s always better to do as much as you can before bringing it into photoshop. This will make the image much more realistic, and save you a lot of time in post processing.

The white background makes it easy to cut them out in photoshop. Choosing a background that is similar in value and tone to what you will be putting it onto in photoshop will make a big difference, light reflects!


We’re using the same lighting set-up as yesterday to make sure everything blends together well. By lowering the lights power and turning up our ISO a few stops the lights’ recycling time will be shorter, meaning I can get more shots of the tiles falling each time.


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  • John Stamos

    Angela is so cute <3

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  • Anders

    Aron, are you gonna give us the tile shots later on? That would be zzzzuper

  • Aaron Nace

    That is a great idea Anders!

  • Cvstodia

    In the original photo, the way the tables (tiles) are separated from the body of the actor look like a mistake in my humble opinion.

    Es un simple degradé  :(

  • Aaronhrrsn

    Hey Aaron, did you shoot these in RAW format, or just your highest JPEG setting?

  • Matthew Clark

    What was your shutter speed at? as I find that anything faster than around 1/160 is too fast for the strobe lighting. But is this fast enough to get sharp shots of the tiles without getting too much motion blur?

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  • Some Guy

    Wow man why do you separate tutorial to many pages? Why not put on same page? This is annoying.

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  • amanj

    how to get photo use in video tutorail

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