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Total Recall Part 5 of 5!

Jul 31

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Welcome to our final episode on remaking the Total Recall movie poster!

This has been a fun week showing you how to create this movie poster from scratch.
This is Part 5 of 5, if you missed out on any of the other parts of this tutorial all of the links are below for you to check out parts 1-4.

In today’s episode we’re doing a lot of Photoshop. We will be working with the background, showing you how to smoothly integrate that with the foreground, we will be adding blurs, and we will also be working on the coloring, to give the the mood of the photo a more of a “movie poster feel”. We will also finish it off by adding text.

We hope you guys have enjoyed the Total Recall tutorials, we certainly enjoyed making them!

Total Recall Part 1
Total Recall Part 2
Total Recall Part 3
Total Recall Part 4
Click Here to Download Total Recall Images

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  • Lauri Laukkanen

    Thank you for taking the time to making these tutorials! With out PHLearn, I wouldn’t anywhere near as good in my photography and post-processing technique! :D As a proof of this, here is a photo I just edited today, with tips &tricks from your tutorials. I uploaded it to 500px today and it has now been viewed over 500 times, voted about 150 times and hearted over 80 times!! And what makes me even more happy is the fact that Vogue Italy approved it to their collection! :D D Thank you for all that you do! :D
    And the vogue version:

  • Yo Mama

    I’ve superenjoyed your face since the day you were born!

  • D’

    Thanks Aaron!

  • Marek K Nowak

    It looks better than the original, to be honest.

  • arrowlili

    Really great tutorial Aaron, thanks very much!

  • Lawrence Smith

    I this has been a FREE 5PART PHLEARN PRO TUTORIAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AARON U ROCK!!!!!!!!!

  • Waseef Akhtar

    super enjoyed the super enjoyable series of 5 episodes! :D

  • AntoxaGray

    Too much blur in my opinion.

  • Gyps

    Aaron, You are a must better teacher when you relax and slow down. Your tutorials are great. I have learned a lot.

  • Guest

    Thanks Aaron and the Phearn Phamily for the tutorial and inspiration.

  • Andre Askew

    Thanks Aaron and the Phearn Phamily for the tutorial and inspiration…Movie theme birthday for my son.

  • julianapunto

    I really enjoyed this one :)

  • julianapunto

    I really enjoy doing this one :D Thank Phlearn

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