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Nov 09

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Congrats to Shantel Rich for winning Phlearn PROs for life!!!!

  • Isaiah Vaba

    it says 14.99. Is the 10 dollar sale over?

  • Carl Constantine

    It’s normally $24.99.

  • Carl Constantine

    I got mine :-)

  • Isaiah Vaba

    oh 10 dollars off my bad!

  • Peter Mochel

    MY FINGERS! they are crossed =)

  • Sushil

    Wow :)

  • Braxton Klavins

    Yes, I just pooped my self. If I win I will save so much of my monies to buy more gear because I might end up buying sooooooo many pros throughout my life.

  • Isaiah Vaba

    Hi, If I buy it multiple times, will I be entered multiple times?

  • Johnny Viscidous Cancrena

    bought it!

  • Pablo Rodriguez

    WOW!!! It’s my first pro tutorial…. This was awesome! I even clap when it was over :) Really happy with everything I’ve learned.

  • Bo Lelewel

    Hi Aaron, great tutorial, but you forgot to include the texture brush for the background… I would really like to have that brush! greetings Bo

  • Mattia ‘Tia’ Merlo

    Got it! Fourth pro I buy and they worth every single penny! (If I win, I swear I’ll come to Chicago from italy to thank you XD)


    Holy Moses! Just watched this pro tutorial and it rendered me speechless. Such simple techniques applied the right way and you can turn an OK image into an AWESOME piece of art! I bow down to you Mr Nace. Much respect.

  • Micoara Cosmin

    got it. the thir pro tutorial.nice one too

    Good Luck to All

  • Aaron Nace

    When you load the included brush, both will show up :)

  • Mark O’Grady-Photography

    Another great tutorial showing how simple steps can make a massive difference to your final image. Top banana!

  • Bo Lelewel

    yes you are right :) thanks Aaron… amazing tutorial, you are the best!

  • Eddie Sebastian


  • Doug Havens

    I’m happy to keep paying – these are awesome.

  • Shantel Crawford Rich

    Woooo hooooo!!! Can you make a Monday get any better? I think my eyeballs almost popped out of their sockets when I clicked the link! Aaron…thank you so much, I promise I won’t let these go to waste. I have already learned so much from the ones I have purchased, but I still have so much to learn. I look forward to putting these to good use! I’m a Phlifer :)

  • Braxton Klavins

    I was 114 :(

  • arrowlili

    oh man, well done shantel you lucky puppy you! well chuffed for you hun x

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