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Working with Type & Cats!

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Apr 10

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Working with Type

Today we are going over basically everything you need to know about type from the standpoint of a photographer or other creative. For those of you who are Graphic Designers, I know this barely scratches the surface of type, and would love your input!

Some Things to Avoid

  • Stretching Type – Please don’t do this. If you need to scale type, do so by adjusting the point size.
  • Too Many Effects – You can do wonders with a small drop shadow or a bevel and emboss. If you have all of the check boxes activated in the FX dialogue, you are probably overdoing it.
  • Using bad fonts – Yes there is such a thing. To make sure you are using GOOD fonts, check out this great list we found.

Clipping Your Images to Type

Go ahead and clip away! We want to see a picture of Mr. Fluff Fluff in a comment below!

  • Ade’ Hogue

    FINALLY, and episode I fully understand!!! An episode on type is so exciting to me! Cool!

    and yep it’s “Leading” like the metal. They used to use strips of lead to increase the spacing between lines.

  • justin

    is it a bobcat?

  • Brian Maiorino

    Serval Cat?

  • Jessica Falconer Hall

    Is it a lynx?

  • Aaron Nace

    That is awesome, You are so smart Broderick :)

  • Brian Fisher
  • Sarah Allegra


  • Debbie

    My Mr. Fluff Fluff is actually a bird named Twinkie … because she loves to eat Twinkie’s. I like the texture and bright colors.

  • Sebastian Ortiz

    Gonna go with Lynx, myself…. and being a Marine for several years, Catting is a Nautical term and has nothing to do with Cats or any feline, for that matter.. LOL!! .. but great Phlearn episode, Aaron!!!

  • Chad North

    its a lynx, I have a lynx I shot (with a camera not a gun ;) ) Nice episode!

  • Backslash451

    Ehi guys, does someone know how to manipulate text in Ps to have something like this? 

  • Backslash451

    i am a total noob :( I answer myself. Warp tool.

  • Samuel

    You were so matter-of-fact about “International Catting” being a better magazine than “National Catting” that I actually went and looked it up…

  • Aaron Nace


  • Aishwarya Suresh

    Heyy! I made MUFFIN, the puppy after watching this :D

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