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New Updates- Phlearn Is Looking for Your Input

Apr 25

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What Do YOU Want to Learn?

We are getting ready to launch a new section of free tutorials from start to finish on photoshop, everything you need to know all the way through from the very beginning. We’re looking for your help on what we should cover, and if you are experienced let us know what the more difficult things to learn were for you in the beginning. The goal is to have a series with many short videos covering all the important tools and techniques. Let us know what I should spend time explaining in a comment below!

See Your Image Edited On Phlearn

Starting next week we are getting organized with a schedule of episode topics. Starting Monday I will edit a phamily member’s photo from start to finish over the course of 3 days. Post your images HERE with a short description for a chance to have your photo edited in next week’s episodes.

  • dante

    Hi Aaron, I would be really interested to see some simple explanation with examples of the differences between brush opacity and flow. Actually I do know the difference, however I just don’t understand when should I use each one upon portrait retouching.

  • dante

    I just watched phlearn pro – jill greenberg style, where you provide good answer to my question above… Thank you for the tutorial!!

    However after watching my first pro tutorial I have another suggestion on what I (most likely many others) would be interested to learn – I understand that the purpose of tutorial is to explain every step, my only complaint is that it takes too long. I don’t have a purpose to learn how to retouch a portrait in 1-2 hours, even 30 min is too much. It would be great to see tutorial on so to say “speed retouching”. I recently saw creativeLive with Sue Bryce, she does amazing job with retouching – spending max 2 min per image. Two things I can recollect right now – she uses Portraiture plugin, and she runs actions in button mode. It would be great to see some other tricks from your side on speeding up photoshop retouching.

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