Jan 20, 2014

10 Questions Answered About Retouching

Here Are 10 Awesome Questions From Our Fans About Retouching

It’s that time again where our fans asks us questions about a specific topic. Here are the 10 questions we selected from our Youtube, and Facebook accounts. Subscribe to our Youtube, and become a our fan on Facebook so you won’t miss out, and potential get your question featured on our website.

1. James Stewart from Youtube (7 likes)
Why is dodge and burn so much more effective than other tools? I often find myself just brightening the highlights and darkening the shadows of the face, and I feel a bit silly.
Why is dodge & burn better than just adding adjustment layers with masks?

2. Davion Lawrence from Youtube (6 likes)
When retouching, what are some basic guidelines you follow to keep the skin tone looking natural and realistic?

3. Levi Sherman from Facebook (6 likes)
What is your workflow when it comes to retouching? What do you do first? D&B, liquify, skin smoothing, blemish removal, etc.

4. Ben Leavitt from Facebook (3 likes)
What are some of the biggest mistakes amateur retouchers make that professionals don’t?

4. Nick Cardona from Facebook (3 likes)
Where do you draw the line when it comes to retouching? How much is too much?

5. To piggy back on to that, Bendik Haagensen Sandøy from Facebook
When retouching, where do you cross the line between “doing a favor” (like removing blemishes and so on), and sort of insulting the model that you are retouching?

6. Preston House from Youtube (3 likes)
Does a photographer have to be a great retoucher as well?

7. Phoenix Production from Youtube
Do you use same techniques when retouching a man/woman’s skin? If not what’s the difference ?

8. Miguel Cortes from Youtube (there were a lot of questions about hair)
How do you fix flyaway hair on complex backgrounds?? I have tried clone tool and spot healing brush but it ends up looking weird!

9. Carl Li from Youtube
What percentage do you use Lightroom and Photoshop in your final image?

10. Barry MacKenzie from Facebook
How do you make commercial product shots really “pop”??!


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    Sa Ga

    Iv’e noticed this problem lately that when I view video’s on the PLearn website it’s kind of lagging. At first I thought it was my wifi at home but even at work I’m having the same laggy problem. Does anyone else have this problem?

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    Katy Webb

    Hi Phlearn!
    I have an idea for a shoot that I’d like to try out with my sister as the model, I wanted to get a full length portrait but I keep coming back to the same problem, when I use my 50mm lens I’m finding that I have be quite far away from her to be able to fit her in the shot, I wanted to try and get it as close up as possible, as you would find in most fashion magazines, please help, where am I going wrong? Thanks, Katy!! Love the tutorials…keep them coming!

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    Jacques du Toit

    Lol was expecting a certain togs joke or something at point 6 with photojournalism and not really retouching. So disappointed, haha, I kid.

    Aaron all your videos are amazing, you really are the greatest when it comes to watching videos and learning Photoshop.