Jan 27, 2014

10 Questions on Camera Settings Answered

10 Q and A’s Wednesday Jan. 22, 2014

Thumbs up other everyone’s questions, and big shout out to mavfan1 on Youtube for answering a lot of our “phans” questions. For the “D” joke credit goes to J. P. Dadivas. Here are the 10 questions we selected  from our awesome fans with great questions, and concerns. Make sure to subscribe to our Youtube channel, become a fan on Facebook, and Tweet us something interesting on Twitter “@Phlearn.”

1. Thomas Ciezar On FaceBook
Hi ! What is the difference between the different metering modes and how to use them in different situation? Cheers from France!

2. Zenavesta on Youtube

What is bracketing and what are some of the ways we can use it effectively?

3. Weng Chu Con on Youtube

Hi Aaron! I love your videos coz i learned a lot!
question: Should we always shoot in RAW format or JPEG once in a while? And what are the benefits can we get if we did?

4. Sabir Ali on Youtube

What is ISO function on DSLR Camera.and what is diffrend between SLR and DSLR

5. Ran Avner on Youtube

When should and should’nt I use the in camera light meter?

6. Georgy Alekseev on Youtube

How to use auto-focus in the right way?

7. LandscapeArtist on Youtube

I tried to remove the lowpass filter from my Canon 5D MK lll and now it does not work anymore. What do I do?

8. Edyta Szarfemberg on Youtube

Can you explain how exposure works? I noticed that changing my exposure settings changes my other camera settings too and I don’t know why.

9. Maxwell Skinnies on Youtube

What setting is best for avoiding noise/grain in photos of medium to low light settings? Or is shutter speed a more important factor than ISO ect?

10. TechnoFAQ TV on Youtube

What does Back light illumination (BLC) mean? I observed that it makes the image brighter. But, can’t I do that with manual exposure? Please explain

11. Razor2048 on Youtube

When fine tuning your focus points with a specific lens, what test target do you use in order to get the best results?


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    Ian Arneson

    Has anyone ever heard of the new JPEG format thats “lossless” compression? Do you think this will be a competitor to shooting RAW?

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      No it will never be a competitor to RAW because RAW stores a lot of other image data that jpeg does not

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    Some useful info here, thanks. But, the constant use of the “like” comment interjected by Aaron’s dictation becomes really distracting after awhile. IMHO.

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    Angelito Cuadras

    What are five of the best cameras out there that have better than 4k resolution and can be used for photography and video taping as well?