Dec 13, 2013

10 Questions About Lighting

In our newest format here at Phlearn, we present a topic to you (our Phamily) and you guys ask us questions about this topic. This week the topic is Lighting. We had over 100 different questions about Lighting and we had to narrow it down to just 10! Watch as Aaron does his best to answer some of the great questions you all had. Be sure to check in next Monday as we will be presenting a brand new topic!


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    Jim Johnson

    Re: Photographing fine would furniture

    Gold reflectors for your fill light will often give a richness to all shades of brown woods.

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    Wes Jerdon

    I think a cool episode of Phlearn would be doing a full photo shoot using nothing but DIY lighting, equipment, a couple cheap flashes. Just to show great images can be done. Just an idea. Thanks everyone at Phlearn, really liked this episode!

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    Aaron, You show image of fluorescent bulbs but call them halogens. You also indicate halogens are not hot, yet halogen lighting gets very hot. It is fluorescents that are relatively cool. Just want to make your viewers aware of the difference.
    Post a list of the questions in some manner so if the viewer wants to replay the answer to hear again, it will not be required to play the whole video.
    Thank you

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    Photographer Durango CO

    On question number 10, most amateurs claim to be “natural light photographers”, and most of the time this is because they don’t know how to use lighting equipment. I haven’t figured out how wedding photographers can make this claim – makes it difficult to photograph the reception at night.

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    Doug Kremer

    Aaron – we are pretty much neighbors. I live in a Suburb of Chicago: Iowa City, IA – haha. I kid. (I hate Iowans saying they are a suburb of Chi-town)…. I’m building some DIY soft boxes. What would be the least amount of lumens you would recommend? I have figured I’d use 3 bulbs. Each Halogen bulb has 1600 lumen output, and 5000K. Would this be sufficient for like a 2’X3′ soft box? Thanks!

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    Dave MacKenzie

    For question #3 about balancing ambient and fill light, you didn’t mention color temperature or gelling your lights. For example, incandescent lights are much warmer (oranger) than strobes and if you’re not attentive to that, your photos can have strange mixtures of color temperatures that are very hard to fix in post. I’ve seen, and shot, quite a few of those.

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    I want to shot a person’s reflection in full length mirror while shooting a person standing next to mirror, how do I light both?