Jun 13, 2012

How to Create an Action and Batch Edit Images

Creating Actions

Learn all the tips and tricks to edit multiple images using Photoshop Actions in today’s episode. These are great because they will not only save you a lot of time when editing but can also be saved to use for other sets of photos as well. Actions can be done for just about anything- Cropping, image sizing, color toning, Sharpening, etc.

First thing to is go up to Window-Actions. Making a new action is done by clicking on the new Action button and titling it, then hit record. Everything from here that’s done to the image will be recorded and saved in this action.

For these images I’ll do some Color toning with Adjustment Layers.

Once I’m finished with all of the editing I want to do I’ll flatten the image and save it as a duplicate Then I’l hit stop on the action panel.

Saving the images as a duplicate allows you to go back and edit the originals if you need to. Its a good idea to always keep a backup folder just in case.

Batch Editing

Using you action for batch editing will apply the effects you did and save them to each image in the folder, its really easy and will save you so much time!

Simply go to File-Automate-Batch and a window will come up allowing you to select which images you want to apply it to. Make sure you saved out the Action before doing this!

Under Play and Action you can choose exactly which folder to apply which Action to. I check the box beside Suppress Color Profiles just in case I’m working with different Color profiles. Destination is folder, and then click Choose to select one.

I also check Override Action Save As Command. This will get rid of the option of choosing different settings for each image and allow it to go through each in the folder without stopping.

Episode Timeline 

  • 0:45- Why use Actions
  • 1:00- Creating a new action
  • 1:20- Recording
  • 1:30- Changing the tones in the image
  • 2:48- Merging the layers together
  • 3:00- Saving the image
  • 4:15- Applying the action to an entire folder
  • 4:35- Why you need to save out the action first
  • 6:00- Batch editing the folder
  • 6:20- When this is most useful

New Texture Pack

Distressed paper is great for adding a little more to your photos!

Question of the Day

Do you use Actions or batch editing? Which techniques have you found them to be the most useful?


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    Yo Mama

    Can’t wait to see the awesome pictures from the photo booth you made at Trevor’s wedding

  • user image

    Thank you so so much for this. I’m shooting my first wedding next week and this will save me so much time!

  • user image

    Thank you so so much for this. I’m shooting my first wedding next week and this will save me so much time!

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    Been wanting to know how to do this for ages!!! Every time I’ve previously tried it always goes wrong, so thanks!!! 

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    Having some trouble figuring out how to record a new action that will run several other already built actions. Guessing it has to be fairly simple, and I’m just missing it??

  • user image

    This is really cool! I’ve been wanting to find out how it worked in Ps for ages. I’m using an action set to edit my photos. Am I going to have to create a new action every time I edit a shoot or part of a shoot if I want to apply the same settings on multiple images? Thanks.

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    when i finished recording of my action and save it an atn my question is
    how can i use it another images by brush tool (before play action in another images)?