Battle: Monotone Portraits

Phlearn Photo Battle

The theme for this week’s battle is Monotone. Each of these images are great representations of what you can do with a monotone image. Using one predominant Hue you can drive a certain emotion or mood of an image. Playing that Hue with the surroundings helps to bring an image together and get rid of clutter. Each of these images use props in an interesting way as well which helps to add interest to the images.


Be sure to vote below, and leave a comment stating why you voted the way you did!

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    Petter Haugen

    The story that evolves in my head looking at Andri`s photo, deserves my vote. The pose, the prop, the sea tells me about a new journey, a farewell, a new start somewhere else. The colouring (or the lack of it) sets me in the “blue mood”, so for me this is goodbye to the past. Without the suitcase it would have been more suicidal. Petra sets me in the “King for a day, fool for a lifetime”-mood 🙂

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    Bill Reno/Tahoe

    For me, overall image-wise on a first impression it was a tie between Andri and Sarah, but since the contest is more about being monochrome I felt the ocean photo nudged ahead on that basis.

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    All are stunning but Andri’s image captures the monochrome aesthetic, for sure – the color of the subjects shirt, the suitcase and the ocean all lend to each other. It’s also a moving sight.

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    Pezi Be

    Thank you so much for featuring my photo!!! I am a huge phlearn fan and it is so awesome to see my photo in a video!
    Thank you 😀

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    The ocean picture wins for me, I like the location and it raises a lot of questions. It is also really monochromatic, time of day, color of clothing, suitcase and the water, it al fits. I would like to see it a bit more contrasty though.

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    For me it was the image that grabbed my attention. This was Andri’s blue monotone, the ocean and the moving story in the picture.

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    Mark ODonnell

    I voted for Petra. The cool colors work for me with the expression and mood of the photo. I love the contrast and muted skin tones and the composition is nice with the leading lines from the crown to the trees. The Brenizer Method is something I plan on playing with. Thanks for sharing.

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    Sarah Allegra

    I like Andri’s best, for the interesting location and interesting prop, but what really makes it for me is the overall sense of story and emotion. It’s great!

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    Sarah Place

    Oh wow! I am so thrilled, excited, honored!! Thank you so much for for featuring my photo! No words for how excited I am! Andri and Petra, beautiful work!!

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    Simon Kjaeldgaard-Greising

    Andris image was in my opinion the most story telling one. You cant help but wonder how he got there and why and also off course what he is about to do.
    The other images are great as well but Andris was imo slightly better 🙂