Photo Battle: Phlearn is On Fire, Lets Go

The Photo Battle is On

This is the first ever Phlearn photo battle using the phamily‘s images. Each of these images was submitted to the battle by tagging them #PhlearnBattle on Flickr. If you are up to have your image battled, do the same.

The reason we have these battles on Phlearn is so everyone can take photo analyzation to a new Level. By figuring out exactly why something works or why it doesn’t, you can learn a lot about your own work. For instance if you see someone doing something very well, you could apply it to your own work.

That is the whole spirt of the battles, to learn and grow. This is not the place to put people down or make anyone feel bad. We are all in the same boat together.

Vote On!

After watching today’s episode, let us know who you think wins the battle. Vote below and be sure to leave a comment as to why you voted the way you did. Your Insight could really help someone.


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    WOW! I’m Ersta and i’m so honored to be featured in the first Phlearn battle! Thanks for all the support and thank you Aaron! 

    This shot could not have been possible without Phlearn. I actually used many techniques that I learned from the free and pro tutorials. 

    Here is a before and after: 

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    Ryan Cooper

    First: links to the images themselves would have been very helpful in the post rather than only what you can see in the video.

    Personally I think this one is a no contest. Rachel’s image has far strong composition and story telling. Rachel’s image reflects better photographic technique and is a more advanced composite. Regardless I will break down my thoughts on each image below:Ian Arneson: The overall build the image isn’t too bad but I just don’t feel any connection with the subject. It is a photo of a dude standing beside a bridge that is on fire. There is nothing interesting about his body posture or expression and it doesn’t seem to reflect the fiery inferno in front of him. Furthermore, the subject is dead center of the frame which makes it a very boring composition despite the leading lines created by the bridge.

    ErstaArt: Unlike Ian’s the subject is definitely more interesting and in a somewhat provocative post, however, the fire is somewhat disappointing  Especially when looking at the source images Ersta posted in the comments. I would have really liked to see her sitting in the chair completely ablaze. As with Ian the subject is framed dead center with little thought to overall composition. 

    Finally the image is very cluttered with distractions. The background is very busy and due to a wide depth of field there is no separation  The grass surrounding the chair also could do with some retouching to remove the many distracting imperfections.

    Rachel  Nicole: The overall feel of the image is very strong. Your eye is initially drawn to the red fiery color of the subject’s hair and then your gaze quickly flows up her arm and you can’t help but wonder what she is looking at. The fire in the background is very effectively and realistically done. And while seemingly unimportant the small blaze on her wing pulls the character into being part of the scene. 

    The toning of the image is excellent and gives of a feeling this hellish inferno which is made even more interesting by the angel. Is she a fallen angel? Is she an angel that was captured by demons and placed in hell? Is heaven burning? As the viewer I want to know more about this story. 

    My only real criticisms for this peace are very minor: First, the top right hand corner feels like this “deadzone” of red, I think a subtle vignette would have help break it up and also push the viewer’s eye more towards the center of the frame. Second: I hate watermarks with a fiery burning passion.

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    My choice is for Rachel’s image, my sole issue being with the flames on the wings that look more like burning embers than flames. Otherwise, I concur with Ryan’s comments below.  

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    Fire from the womb, burning to have a child????…….Aaron, go and find your medication and have a long lie down. Looks like I’m in the minority as I voted Dude.

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    I voted for Rachel. I agree with Ryan, the picture is just more interesting. You do want to figure out what her story is. Plus, who doesn’t love an angel? That being said, my 9-year-old watched the video with me and thought the fire looked fake. She thought the chair picture was “cool.” All three pictures are great. Congratulations to Rachel, Ersta and Ian for being included in the first Phlearn phamily battle!

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    Andrea Peipe

    First of all, I think they are all really well done! The fire looks realistic in all three to me but I like Rachel’s photo the best. I am trying to figure out why that is the case… I guess in the preview before I even clicked on the video that was the one that I had the strongest reaction to. I love the pose and the wings and only THEN I realized there was also a fire in the background which made me love it even more! 

    The bridge photo of Ian is awesome but I would prefer it a tad more if he wasn’t standing there just so relaxed. I am sure this is what other people may love about that image but I think it might have been even stronger a photo if he would have ran away or something. But honestly, that is just me! 

    And while Ersta Art’s photo is also really well done, it makes no real sense to me, like why is the chair in flames? From a technical standpoint, it is awesome and had I not seen the other two… but as it is, Rachel’s photo is the best for me 🙂

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    Johnny Viscidous Cancrena

    I voted for Ersta Art. I like the image. well done technically, i would put some fire on her body too. the image from Rachel Nichole is wonderful, but i think the fire on her wing seems too fake and i aesthetically don’t like the lightness of the subject, but i’m a dark fan…. 
    i personally don’t like Ian Arneson’s photo aesthetic because of the colors and his shadow seems a bit strange

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    Sarah Allegra

    Rachel Nichole, hands down.  Not only are the colors great, the fire realistic and the technical aspects attended to, but the photo makes me *feel* something, whereas the other two don’t so much.  Rachel Nichole’s photo makes me want to know the storyof what’s happening, and see more of this character.  Beautifully done!

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    Eddie Sebastian

    The images look great, but I’m going to have to say my choice would be Rachel’s image… makes more sense to me, color temp is fantastic, tone of the image works well. Fire looks real, in the background, and the doF on it makes the fire more believable, the fire on the wing makes sense, angel brushed across something that was on fire. I myself would’ve thrown in some embers, which would’ve given the fire on the wing tip more explanation. But the image overall is great. great job.

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    Erin Guest

    Definitely Rachel’s entry – it’s the one that’s the most well put-together and I think the drama is outstanding. The other two sort of look too “pasted in” to me though I’ll add my voice to those stating that a link to the specific images would have been good.

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    Rachel Nichole

    Thank you so much for chosing my image for the fire battle !!!  I love everyones comments !! There are embers in the bushes you can see it better on flickr or facebook.. The fire is not real.. no angels where harmed in the making of this series.. haha.. I learned a really cool technique to create fire in photoshop with out having to make a composit or using another image. The “fire” is grass.. i played with the tones to make it look like fire. You can
    see the rest of the series at!/Phlearn?fref=ts

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    Susan C Moore 1959

    Rachels picture looks believable.  I didn’t have to ‘think’ about why the subject was engulfed by flames.  Doesn’t look staged. 

  • user image

    I think Estra art i don’t know exactly why but it has a very nice composition and concept

  • user image

    Rachel tells a far better story. Very well composed with a nice diagonal to please the viewer although the arm seems to take your gaze a bit out of the pic.

  • user image
    K?rlis Briedis

    I love the mood that photo gives to me. So realistic+ love thouse oversaturated long red hair that seems that is also on fire 😀  Over all  big up for Rachel 🙂

  • user image
    K?rlis Briedis

    I love the mood that photo gives to me. So realistic+ love thouse oversaturated long red hair that seems that is also on fire 😀  Over all  big up for Rachel 🙂