Dec 17, 2013

Behind the Scenes: Powder Galaxy

Step into our Powder Galaxy

We came across some great images of people using powder to create awesome photos. We decided that we should take a crack at it with a touch of Phlearn magic. Things needed for this shoot: Camera, Model, Team and Powder…lots of Powder.


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    uh-mazing! I’m stunned….buuut i like the images in the video more! without the galaxy. 😀

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      Oh ya i forgot….i want a PHLEARN App! 😉 you would Love to create one! I know it!! ^^

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          Offline Videos would be great.

          Maybe a tips and tricks section or like the Random Tips you have here on the page.
          And a Gallery of your work of course ;D
          Just make one! You will make it awesome anyways! <3

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            Andrew Snowball

            There is an unofficial app on the Play store by Marian Lacko that links to YouTube and articles from the Phlearn website. Although an official app would be awesome and probably way cooler although offline videos would take up way too much phone memory. But maybe some smartphone only features would be good.

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      Leah Manzari

      Have to say I kind of agree. I liked the photos you showed on the video with just the flour better…

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      “Come on, you know you wanna.” It’s just like candy, and everyone loves candy.

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    Shridhar Nargolkar

    It was really nice Arron and Images without Galaxy were superb … However loved this creativity….
    Hey, I’m sending Panorama HDR with this comment .. I want to know how I can make this Image more beautiful … Suggest and show me…

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    Gorgeous shots SOOC, and great postprocessing. One day I will buy the tutorial and find out how it was done.

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    Oleg Vityuk

    Hello Arron.
    Thank you very much for your tutorials. I have really enjoyed them plus your great sense of humour.
    Here is my version of what you have been teaching which i would very much appreciated your comments about what i have produced with the image.
    Looking forward to hearing from you and if there are an others within the community who would like to pass some comments they also would be gratefully received.

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    I would love to know the title/ artist of the song playing, if it was mentioned I missed it :/ Thanks Phlearn team for awesome behind the scene I love how you took an idea and made it your own. I think a lot of time we get stuck into thinking “wow thats cool I want to try it” instead of “wow, how can I incorporate that into my own work and put my own spin on it”. Amazing as always !!!!!!!

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    Florian Berger

    Thanks for this inspiration.
    We make a shooting like this and had a lot of fun.
    Here are one of the result.