May 06, 2013

Clean Up Your Background In Photoshop

Tips For Cleaning Up Your Background In Photoshop

To clean up your background in photoshop we will discuss some amazing tricks utilizing the transform tool, and blending options.

Tricks of the Transform Tool

Since our goal for this photo is to clear away the trees on the right-hand side, we’re going to have to use some of the dirt field and rotate it to match the perspective. By using the horizon and leading lines we can find our vanishing point. You may remember this term from high school art classes. Basically, it’s the point on your horizon that all of your leading lines actually lead to and vanish.

Since we have the part of the field we want to use selected, we can hit Ctrl+T (transform) and move the little target in the center of the transform box to right right over the vanishing point. This little target is the point that the layer you’re transforming will rotate around. So now we have a layer that we can rotate around our vanishing point, maintaining the correct perspective!

Getting Dirty

Now that we have our selection moved into it’s proper place, we have to make it blend seamlessly. By creating a layer mask and using a custom brush that looks like the shapes found in dirt, we can paint onto the layer mask and make it look like it was never even touched in Photoshop!


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