Concrete Jungle Photo Contest – WINNERS

It was so difficult for us to choose the winners of the Concrete Jungle Photo Contest!  There were over 1,000 entries and some of them were truly breathtaking.  Thank you so much to our Phlearn Phamily for participating in this contest and sharing your awesome images with us.

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Grand Prize Winner - Juraj

Grand Prize: Juraj

“Concrete Jungle.”

Concrete Jungle Runners Up

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  • user image

    “The Bravery Test” – picture taken in Bamako, Mali in August 2014.

  • user image
    Shawn Caution

    His wife left him, he was discouraged with the world and found no other way out but with the use of alcohol and drugs. His life fell apart right in the palm of his hands when he walked in on his wife cheating on him. His head down because he feels like he let everyone down. He sleeps very cold at night, someone stole his newly purchased sleeping bag that his weeks worth of added up quarters and dollars got him. He told me he has been sober for 2 years, 4 months. Knew the date right down to a T. He wants to start over but she took everything, his house, his kids trust, his car…everything. From a 15 year marriage to a 5 minute fight, gone right in front of his eyes.

    “I count every minute that goes by, it’s really the only thing I have going for me”, he said.

  • user image

    Attached is my Street Photography entry. Captured is Atlanta, GA – Midway Skyline. Used PHLEARN’s Vintage tutorial as well as the statistics / median tutorial to remove all traffic. In total, this is 7 stacked images during Golden Hour. Its my mini “Walking Dead” recreation.

    Thanks, PHLEARN.

  • user image
    Amila C Kumarasinghe

    No matter how hard life moves in this Concrete Jungle. We will be together for ever. saying their eyes.
    Captured this from Sri Lanka.

  • user image
    Emrah Birsin

    I was on my way home and wanted to take a blurry photo of a train. The reflection of the guy on his phone and his wife with the child came for free. Sometimes photos became special without you knowing.

  • user image

    This day started quiet early in the old Warsaw. Going further into the ghetto I came across this old man head down carrying a bunch of flowers to the dumpers, he seemed driven by solitude and sadness, I will never forget it.

  • user image

    Few years ago I was in Scotland.
    We visited the capitol, and toured around…
    Under the old city, we saw a band playing, and we watched, we saw it wasn’t an ordinary band, I can’t explain the style they had… It was different.
    About 10 minutes after we listened to them, I saw in the Audience an old women in a wheelchair, with tears on her chicks, smiling and swinging around her hands according to the rhythm.
    I didn’t go and talk to her, I just went behind her and captured HER moment.

  • user image

    Santa Catalina arch in Antigua Guatemala during the festivities of Semana Santa (holy week).

  • user image
    Ed Tervit

    Just wanted to thank you or all the videos and help you offer, you’ve made my photography a whole lot better. Your videos have taught me 1000% more than anything I learnt doing photography for 2 years at school.

  • user image

    This was taken after the chinese new year in Vietnam. My family were political refugees because of the Vietnam War.
    But there are still plenty people over there who suffer from the consequenses of the war and the vietnamese goverment.
    Therefore my family and all other relative over the world always try to collect money from in order to buy food and medecine for those who really need it. Once per year, mostely chinese new year, we are doing this charity.

    For this picture I choose a B&W conversion because it seemed very appropriate for this situation.
    You can see the rest of picture/story here on my flickr page:

  • user image

    “if I could feel again”… utilized brilliant phlearn tutorials to remove minor unwanted distractions as well as your suggestion of integrating timing as a photographic technique. the seemingly lonely figure against the vast cityscape is what drew me into this scene in particular.

  • user image

    I was invited to take pictures to La Fete de la musique in my city. And I went and took this candid shot of one of the bands whit one of their fans enjoing the show

  • user image

    I took this photo while taking a walk with my friend.
    It hasn’t been edited in any way. The light path is formed by an unexpected bicycle coming towards us.

    P.S. Love your tutorials – they helped me a lot! Huge thanks for that!

  • user image
    Dennis Nieling

    This photo is from one my recent projects “Firefighters are Awesome”. By teaming up with the local firefighters on their duty and training sessions to get that shot i’ve been working towards.
    On the photo you see a firefighter struggling with the physical and mental duties of a firefighter. This is not a job for quitters, that’s for sure!
    Though he kept on saying: “I’m not going to quit, I can do this!” Turned around and went back in to help his mates.
    That gave me the chills, and what a hero he is.

    -Note Copyright to Dennis Nieling, Ginc. Creative 2015

  • user image

    This picture was taken in paris. i liked the unknown women looks and i just clicked it.. i think i captured the looks of her which makes this picture a dramatic one

  • user image

    My friend and I went to see this abandoned factory near my school. The light went from the door and I thought it would be cool to take a picture of my friend with the light. There would be no darkness without light.

  • user image

    I took the shot of the iguana at Fort El Morro while vacationing in Puerto Rico. I was sitting on the ramparts taking in the view of the ocean and heard panicky noises from people behind me. I swung around and was starring at a 3 foot iguana about three feet from me, so I had to take a photo! Seconds later he jumped up on the rampart next to me and ran farther out on the rampart to sun himself where I couldn’t get close enough to get any more shots.

  • user image

    A shot I made in school (I study photography). We had to basically make a film noire type photo that day. Everyone decided to go shoot in the studio and I thought I can totally do this cool thing outside (since my school is located in the middel of Amsterdam).
    Anyway I hope I win.

  • user image

    The Russell Investment Center building lit up to show some “12th Man” pride in support of the Seahawks. This was taken about an hour after sunset. I used a Pentax K-x body and the accompanying 18-55mm lens (18mm focal length for the camera which is 27mm after applying the crop factor). Used f/8 at 5 second exposure to get the the star effect in camera. ISO-200 for those who wanted to know. I did a little post editing in Photoshop to make it pop. For some reason, I like the bike on the right side, but my favorite part is how the buildings turned out on the left side.

    • user image

      My first sentence is missing, so… This was taken on 16 January (two days before the Seahawks beat the Packers to go their second straight Super Bowl) from Pier 62/63 on Seattle’s waterfront

  • user image

    I’m not sure if this photo belongs here but it was taken on the street during this event made for small kids. I was just walking around and when I saw how happy these kids are from just ringing small bells I knew I have to take photo of them.

  • user image

    This is a photo that i took when i went out to a duck pond near my apartment to shoot some ducks, but as i managed to fall into the pond and chase all the ducks away i was on my way home all muddy and wet in no time. Fortunately i managed to keep my gear dry. I was walking past a supermarket and i saw this man sleeping in his wheel chair. As i had only a telephoto lens on me i couldn’t get a much wider angle, but didn’t want to miss the opportunity to take this shoot. I also managed to mess up the camera settings and shoot it in jpg, instead of raw. After i came home and took a better look at this image, i realized that i knew this man from my neighborhood when i was a kid. Back then he wasn’t homeless and was a respectable member of the community. I bet he could tell quite a story on how he came to be homeless. You could say that this photo would be a better choice for your previous contest, but i think you could file it under street photography as well. Anyway this was taken with a modest Canon 600D, and with a cheap, not so sharp Canon 55-250 lens. The settings were f8, 1/20, iso 100 @109mm. Hopefully someone will like it. :0)

  • user image

    Sorry if this is a dupe…took a few attempts to get it to submit.

  • user image

    Okay so I know there’s alot of colours in this photo…..I really like colours. This was taken halloween night walking around with my friend. And it also looks like two different pictures stuck together [it’s just one by the way.] Oh wells I hope I win or at least get some constructive feedback. Thanks 🙂

  • user image

    I take this picture in Madrid (Spain) and it’s one of my favorites.
    I did it in the car (my mum was driving).I hope i win…

  • user image

    Fun photoshoot on the streets outside the city center – Bonnie & Clyde themed getaway.
    Shot with my old Nikon D80 at 18mm with 1 strobe, because the other one got toasted because of electricity problems 😀

  • user image

    In a society where there is an overwhelming amount technology, wealth, and success, it amazes me how much poverty still exists… he sits there everyday in the cold with his imaginary friend.

  • user image

    The central square in the old medina in Marrakech is transformed at night into a raucous cacophony of sights, smells and sounds. Impromptu groups gather round to share songs and stories mixed with the smoke from the food stalls. I tried to capture the essence of all this but as it happens after dark and not wanting to use flash it was a bit tricky to get a decent shot. This was taken at 85mm f1.2 with ISO 800 and a 1/25 shutter speed handheld! The colour balance is on the warm side but I like the tone it adds although I think it also works in b&w.

  • user image
    William Lesourd

    It does looked posed a little, however I can assure you it wasn’t. This is a cropped version of a photo to get the couple better framed.
    It was taken in a small French village during a bondfire, which the couples and others were watching. I was standing about four meters away with a Carl Zeizz/Contax 90mm f2.8 lens mounted on a Sony NEX-7. The camera was hanging at the level of my belt and I was using the camera tilted screen to judge the composition and the focus.
    The EXIF
    1/40s – f2.8 – 1600 ISO

  • user image

    I was on vacation in Rome last summer, and I took this picture of a tramp who was washing himself.

  • user image

    Hello, this shot was from a walkabout in London. It shows the Monument and the Shard taken with my Sigma 70-200mm f2.8.
    I like this photo as it shows the old and construction methods of today and from around 350 years ago.

    This is unfortunately the same day where I fell over on the north bank of the River Thames and nearly smashed the lens to pieces. Detailed in my blog at this link


  • user image

    It was my first visit to Berlin. I visited the parents who already live there for some time. I walked the streets of Berlin, and just getting to know the place. I came across a situation where the grandmother with grandson bought a postcard or souvenir. I also took out of that place, it’s a picture.

  • user image
    Collin Rodefer

    One can certainly be saddened at the circumstance the gentleman finds himself and the discrepancies of this world, but I think it’s critical to see that the only thing that separates our worlds sometimes is just a small pane of glass. Taken in Milwaukee, WI

  • user image
    Collin Rodefer

    I think it’s critical to see that the only thing that separates our worlds sometimes is just a small pane of glass. Taken in Milwaukee, WI

  • user image

    Two generations of cruise ships work as background to this cyclist that just reached the hill top. Taken in Long Beach, California.

  • user image
    Brendan Weston

    Dongdaemun Market, Korea. Took this photo in January, coming from Australia its not just a concrete jungle it’s a people jungle too!

  • user image

    I have looked at the other photos on here and im aware I’m most likely not going to win,however im only 16 and my passion for photography has escalated so fast over the past few years, my camera is not great but I saved up £570 for it.I am hoping to pursuit my passion as a carrer ,,, this is a shot of some tourists, I think they were Spanish and they were trying to dodge the rain and pigeons, I had been trying to take shots here all day and after 5 hours I finally got one I liked,, good luck everyone else and thank you phlearn for the opportunity, I appreciate it

  • user image

    Dongdaemun Market, Korea. Took this photo in January, coming from Australia its not just a concrete jungle it’s a people jungle too!

    edit: sorry didn’t log in previously.

  • user image

    Previous two days were amazing! I’ve been shooting with fujifilm X-Pro1 with 35m prime and was absolutely in love with camera and lens. It was third day with this camera and evening was so great. I walk along the street with great light. Suddenly I turned back and in the next moment have took the picture with this girl, this cool shadows and these nice flares.

  • user image

    I traveled to Lviv- Ukraine last summer and this photograph was one of my favorites!
    Lviv is a city full of romanticism and history, and one day walking the streets alone, ran into this beautiful scene. I thought she was sleeping, but instead she was entertained listening to what the man was playing, an adorable melody!
    This photo, divided by the wall and the restaurant kind of showed me 2 diff worlds.
    Just exactly what I was doing there, traveling to surprise my love from another world!

  • user image


    This is a picture of the brother of my Grand-Pa with his granddaughter. I lost my grand-pa in a car accident in 2006 and I met my great uncle (the one on the picture) during the 2013. It’s funny, because I was looking at them playing together and all that I could see was me and my grand-pa han I was her age. It made me smile and I HAD to take a picture to capture this joy!

  • user image

    Christopher-Street-Day in Hamburg – Germany 2014, a special expression and a pose which represents this feeling at the event. awesome day of shooting!

  • user image
    Giovanni Ciuccio

    Hello. my English is not really good . photo shoot in Rome Italy during a walk . Urban street . I liked the diagonal and the feeling of love that have kids .
    I follow you and I admire you very much. are very good . thank you very much.

  • user image
    Wendy Mayo

    My favorite thing to photograph is juxtaposition. Pairing the beautiful with the dirt and grime of the city is the best! Adri is an urban ballerina that can practice anywhere. This alley wasn’t all that pretty, but it DID have a barre!

  • user image

    I wasn’t even going to post this image on my Facebook page but then I decided I would anyways… Long story short it has probably received more attention than most of my other photos. I learned that sometimes it doesn’t take one glance to fall in love with an image. Sometimes it takes many… Just like broccoli

  • user image
    Maccarena González

    Exploring the city, observing people. Been a stocker. In Paseo Ahumada, Santiago Centro, Chile.

  • user image

    Siblings running in and out of a blanket of balloons at a public charity event. Made me reminisce how good it was to be young.

  • user image
    Devin Hendrick

    Wedding Shot from this last season. Taken between Fox theatre, and Comerica Park in downtown Detroit!

  • user image

    I took this picture in one of Tokyo Downtown called “Ocha no misu” and this means “Whater for the Tea” When I was taking the pictures I felt that there were someone behind me, but as I wanted to take all the pictures I did not turn back after I finished. When I turned back I saw a old man with a hat and he started to talk to me whit an incredible politeness. It is important to say that really very very few people can speak english well in japan, but this man talked to me in a perfect and beautiful english accent. He asked if I knew the story of this place and the name of it. So he very kindly explained to me with details and always in a beautiful way that this place took it`s name because … long time ago this place it was absolutely beautiful and the water was so clean that people could use it to prepare the traditional Japanese green Tea.

    After explained me, he greeted me again thanks me for visiting the country and hoping me a nice time there, and kept his way.

    I was a really surprise because usually people in japan does not stop to talk with you if you do not ask something. I turned back to see who was this elegant and polite man…. and I really surprise more… He was a homeless .

    Still now I am thinking what kind of story are behind this kind man and haw his life could turned this way? Also after heard his story of the place can not stop thinking how people can ruin a paradise as this place used to be…

    For this picture I use the brenzer method and I use 6 shots.

    Best regards and sorry for my bad english.


  • user image

    The concrete jungle of 125th street Harlem NY, where “dreams are made of”.

    We heard shots fired and when we arrived we found this gentleman shot dead. Found of from locals it was because he wouldn’t share his methadone with another drug user.

  • user image

    Shot in Montevideo, Uruguay

    I was looking at the posible frame when the man in the dark suit passed, I tried to aproach but it was too late, a few seconds he reappeared and starting walking towards the newstand while looking the magazine, then I had this second chance

  • user image

    I love this spot. Baltimore graffiti alley is the only legal art space that is open for street artist to create work freely without a fear of being caught by law 🙂

  • user image
    Sérgio Wanke

    Life in the city freezes just before the crash between a regular john doe and a regular car or does it?

  • user image
    Julio Suárez

    Caught this guy creating spray paint art on the side of the street in downtown Tucson, Arizona.

  • user image
    Julio Suárez

    This was a spontaneous photoshoot of a friend of mine.

  • user image
    Neston Simoes

    Entry 3 –

    Potter’s life. #Street #Blackandwhite

    Shot at Kumberwada – Mumbai,India.

  • user image

    This was in Downtown Raleigh..If you look hard enough you will see different things:) Hope to win…