Sep 05, 2012

Create Skin Tone with Style

How to Make Skin More Dynamic

Retouching skin can be done in many ways, from cloning out pimples to all out smoothing. In this tutorial we are going to be covering more global adjustments that will change the way a photo feels as a whole while making the skin look great.

You are going to learn a ton about apply image, and how to get the most out of your shadows and highlights. We are using mostly curves to accomplish these effects so you are sure to be able to follow along.

Make Skin Glow in Photoshop

In today’s episode we cover a great new method on how to make skin glow that anyone can do. It starts out very similar to how you might sharpen an image, but we go in and adjust it through Blend If to make different areas shine.

Special thanks to Catherine for submitting her photo to be edited today!


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    Filipe Santos

    Very good video Aaron. The picture already looks very good without editing. Darkening skin is not for me. I think it’s a style I do not like.

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    Alain Mbouche

    Nice tutorial ! That bypass thing brings a sort of HDR effect which i don’t really love, but i love that easy way to dodge and burn ! Thanks so much for sharing ! That was DOPE bro’ !! 😉

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    love your photos and even bought your tutorials (great btw!) but darkening the skin isn’t my thing, I prefer to keep things light and simple. she looks flawless with her natural skin tone. I think you’re great though so don’t take this as a complaint 🙂 more of a personal opinion.

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    Daniel Eduardo Flores Espinosa

    Well i found this technique very interesting, actually i love how it works with highlights but it made my shadows too hard. So I think i’ll use it only for highlights…Anyway, it is a great work!!!!!

    I leave a picture i edited with this technique

    Aaron! Thanks… the way you integrate photoshop editing with photography is amazing!!!

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    Kaiser Mondero Bacote

    How did he do 11:21 ? the 3rd layer he made is desaturate, high pass filter and used linear light after it. if u know, please message me on facebook. thank you ! 🙂

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    Like your workflow but I find it a lettle bit complicated to follow you … any way great thanks