Mar 20, 2013

Create Splatters Of Paint With Custom Brush Settings In Photoshop

Phlearn Turns Two Today!

Even though we will be discussing how to create splatters of paint with custom brush settings in Photoshop, today marks the second anniversary of Phlearn. Over the past two years we’ve created over 450 videos teaching Photoshop & photography. All Phlearn PRO Tutorials, Actions, and Textures are 20% off for today (March 20th) only as a thank you to everyone who has watched and been a part of the phamily 🙂

The Brush Tool: More Than Meets The Eye

At first glance, the Brush Tool may seem nothing beyond a simple brush with adjustable Hardness and Opacity. However, the brush’s potential for customization doesn’t end there. The Brush Tool features a variety of other adjustable settings that make it a powerful multipurpose tool.

By clicking Window > Brush, Photoshop opens a whole new range of features for the Brush Tool. By adjusting these, we can come up with a brush that matches the pant splatters in Anders’ image perfectly.

When used together, these features can be used to create all sorts of different custom Brushes for different uses!


  • Pay attention to the preview in the brush window. This creates an enlarged example of what effect your brush will create.
  • Use a tablet. Using a tablet instead of a mouse allows you to use the Brush Tool in a very fluid and accurate manner. You can learn more about using a tablet in our free two-part tutorial, How To Be Instantly Better At Editing.
  • Experiment! The brush Tool has SO many uses when these features are applied. Take the time to explore all of the settings and let us know what custom Brushes YOU come up with!


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    ABSOLUTELY love this effect and love it when you give detailed help about anything Wacom related. You are a master with that device and the more you get people to use it the better the web and world will look due to the art improving.

    Thank you so much for the tutorial!!!!!!