Jun 22, 2012

Interview with Designer Alex Chandoha

Working With A Wardrobe Designer

Today we did a photoshoot with a custom designed, high fashion dress with a 25ft long train. We worked closely with a stylist, who then worked with Alex, to make the whole thing happen. In this episode he’ll share what photo shoots are like from his point of view and some advice for collaborating with designers for your own images.

Many designers are willing to work with you and your budget because they can use the photos in their portfolio as well. Try doing a search in your city and contacting a few!


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    James Warwood

    great video. working with stylists/designers seems quite daunting for a photographer who’s not done that before. nice to know they’re human too 😉

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    Yes, wardrobe stylist are a great help to photographers and designers! It gives them a great relieve so that their able to focus more on their craft as a photographer instead of worrying about the model their hair/makeup/ wardrobe…etc. As the C.E.O. and wardrobe stylist at French Vendette’ I take GREAT pride in being able to relieve that stress from the genius thats behind the camera whose able to capture the finalized beauty! If you’re ever in need of a stylist with a wide range of resources feel free to contact me at