Oct 24, 2014

Where is Donnie Teaser Janna Park

This coming Monday, will be interviewing Conceptual and Fashion/Portrait Photographer Janna Park and the incredible team behind Where is Donnie?

Photographer: Janna Park

Creative Director: Brittney Flanders
Assistant/Lighting: Jeanne’ Le Roux
Model (Donnie): Jessie Jarma Lee Merriman
Model (Frank): Zach Terry


Where is Donnie? Teaser Image Exclusively for 1/20

On Monday Janna and her team will be releasing the full BRAND NEW set of photos titled “Where is Donnie?” which is inspired by the movie Donnie Darko Exclusively for


Janna and her creative team have been planning this photo shoot for about a month.

We wanted to recreate iconic scenes from Donnie Darko, while giving it our own twist. My specialty is fashion, so we definitely wanted the images to be consistant with my style. We thought, why not make Donnie into a girl? Everything else just kind of fell into place after that. – Janna Park

They have let me in on their creative process as a whole and I couldn’t be more excited. On Friday we have behind the scenes photos to share, actual photos and so much more.



Where is Donnie? was shot on October 20-21 of 2014, and all 20 of the images will be released exclusively on THIS FRIDAY.

Where is Donnie? Shooting Schedule

October 20, 2014-October 21, 2014
– Models: Emma J Maris (Donnie), Zach Terry (Frank)
– Photographer: Janna Park
– Creative Director: Brittney Flanders

Oct. 20:
– 5:30 pm- Hair and Make-up
– 6:30- The Mirror
|    Emma & Zach 
(scene 4)  |  Emma: White T-shirt, grey hoodie, underwear | Zach: Grey Shirt, Grey jeans, Frank mask
– 7:30- Spray Painting
(scene 2)  |  Emma: Black Cut Crop Top, Shorts, High socks, Combat boots, Black Back-pack, spray can
– 8:30- Shooting Scene
| Emma & Zach
(scene 5)  |  Emma: skeleton shirt, skeleton thigh highs,  Combat boots, gun, grey hoodie? (he wears one)
– Finish for day 1 –

10581801_10204405109022882_1119553219_nOct. 21:
– 6:00 am- Hair and Make-up
– 7:00- Waking up on Golf Course
(scene 1)  | Emma:  slip dress, numbers on arm, bike
– fun time till Zach gets off work-
– 4:00- Hair & Make up
– 5:00 pm (maybe earlier)- Movie Theater Scene
Emma & Zach 
(scene 3)  |Emma:Hoodie, boots | Zach: Frank attire
– 7:00 Closing Scene
|  Emma 
(scene 6)   |  Emma: big tshirt, underwear, blank tv in big room
– And that’s all folks! ?

I have seen the photos and they are look incredible. On Friday you have before/afters, youtube tutorials, and personal questions to look forward to with Janna and her creative team.

If YOU have a burning question feel free to leave it in the comments and we will try our best to get your questions to Janna and/or her team

For now, enjoy this teaser image! We can’t wait to share the rest!!!

Where is Donnie? by Janna Park Teaser

Where is Donnie? by Janna Park Teaser

Happy Halloween, we’ll see you on Monday 😉

Written by Angela Butler

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