Nov 21, 2013

Editorial Headshot: You asked, we answered.

You had questions, so we wanted to follow up with you.

You saw the behind the scenes of our corporate/editorial photo shoot, and Part 1, Part 2, and part 3 of the retouching process. We received great feedback from the episodes and many questions from viewers. We always try and answer every question we receive via email, comments or social media, and this time we decided to do it in a video.

Photographer Bryan Dockett created the bobble head thumbnail, and it was based on this series by Cristian Girotto.


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    Robert Huber

    Excellent, but now I want to see a tutorial for that awesome bobble-head effect I see in the front-page thumbnail for this post! Looks really well done!

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    Much appreciated. My husband and I love all of your tutorial videos. Thanks for the Phlearning!

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    What shade of grey is your backdrop paper? Savage has several shades. Thanks so much!

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    Leah Manzari

    My favorite part about Phlearn is that you always strive to make things so genuinely fun to watch. You have such a winning formula/philosophy and I truly look forward to what every new day bring. I’ve learned so much already and know each and every day will just bring on even more lighthearted enlightenment. Keep up the great work guys and Thank You you for being awesome!

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    Nathaly Quinteros

    Hi! I really love your tutorials! I have a quick question. This is a problem when the subject wears a pattern suit. Using Nick’s photo as an example, how did you minimize the waves on his suit, or can you remove this with photoshop? Thanks in advance!

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    Albrecht Voss

    Dear Phlern Team, thank’s for the insight. I just found you over at and I am amazed of how these simple steps enhance my portraiture that much. Great work!

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    Karen Johansson

    Along with using the Pocket Wizards to trigger your shutter do shoot with auto or manual focus?

  • rmajor6

    Aaron, what camera would you recommend to use for amateur all purpose photos? I was told by a photographer that a Canon 70D could be right for me. Thank you. Bob M.

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    Dear Phlearn family, i wonder if two of 60×90 softboxes only are good enough for making a fashion photo shooting, and how i should use them to get the best results ?

    Yours Moe.

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    if there are any easy site to sell photos online ?
    i made some google search but it ahhhooo!!!!!! it seam like there are scams sits i really don’t know which one is the easy and best site to do this